Letter to my unvaccinated friends

Letter to my unvaccinated friends


I am writing to you today out of concern about the effects of COVID on our society and the toxic divide that is growing between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. As if it were two categories of citizens.

In this Quebec and on this planet that I love madly, the hate speech that spreads on both sides is real poison. They divide us, when more than ever we need to put ourselves together in solution mode.

Many of you are suspicious of the pharmaceutical industry and certain authoritarian measures imposed by Governments. In all honesty, I am too, but I still decided to get vaccinated and to vaccinate my daughter, who has special needs. 

In solidarity

It is not with lightness of heart that we will take our third dose. We will do it anyway, mainly out of solidarity.

Getting vaccinated is not only the best way to protect yourself against COVID, but also from the collateral damage it generates by putting distance between us. Literally and figuratively.

In recent days, tens of thousands of people have made appointments for a first dose of the vaccine. Many fight their fears and it is to their credit.

Science as a guide

Scientific studies should guide us to make the best possible decisions. Whether it is to control COVID as much as to meet the challenges posed by environmental degradation and the increase in social and economic inequalities. In any case, we must cooperate more and show solidarity. It is precisely because we have not sufficiently listened to the warnings of scientists (including the human sciences) that we have come to all these crises which exacerbate each other, threatening the quality of life on Earth.

More than ever we need science, solidarity and kindness. Let's focus on what unites us: the desire to get out of this crisis! 

We are together, whether we like it or not. 

Letter to my unvaccinated friends

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