Leys (New school): Niska's protege already a favorite on Twitter, 4 info for those who discover her

This is one of the talents that is already talked about in New School, the first four episodes of which are available on Netflix. Rapper Leys conquered Niska and Tiakola during her audition and had even already caught the eye of another juror: SCH. But she's actually far from a beginner. Here are 4 facts about the rising rap star.

Let's go for New schoolon Netflix! This Thursday, June 9, 2022, the platform posted the first 4 episodes of its rap competition. Niska, SCH and Shay are the jurors of this show in which future rap talents compete to win 100,000 euros. Among the candidates who make people talk, we find Leys, already validated by Internet users on Twitter.

In the first episode, she passes her audition in full city facing Niska and Tiakola. Faced with Nebé, she has already made internet users love her with her freestyle. On Twitter, many were impressed by her flow and were shocked to discover the mismatch between her personality and her punchlines.

Leys is already quite well known in the rap game. If you arrive, here are 4 facts about the rapper!

1. The origin of his stage name

Where does the name Leys come from? It is simply a diminutive of his real first name, Leslie. “I wanted to find something quite short and quite stylish.” she explained to Madame Rap. If she auditioned for Niska in the Paris suburbs, Leys is actually from Verdun and rapped a lot in Reims. It was finally in the capital that she flourished in rap.”On the networks, Reims is the last city to follow me, while most people know me. There is a form of restraint. It didn't always go well so I preferred to work with those in Paris, it helped me a lot more.” she confided to Yard.Média.

< h2>2. She has already done Planète Rap

Planète Rapdream of many artists. Well Leys, she has already participated in the issuance of Fred Musa. Between 2017 and 2019, she was invited several times to the Skyrock show, notably by Chilla, Hayce Lemsi and Hornet la Frappe. Leys has also participated in numerous festivals and even won the Inouïs du Printemps de Bourges jury prize in 2020.

3. Leys started at 16

Leys' rap debut already dates back! It was at the age of 16 that she wrote her first sounds. “ We had organized a meeting with people from the neighborhood because we wanted to start a group. We went to stay at one of our homes, I had brought back a text written on a sheet that I posed on a Nicki Minaj beat, and they told me it was good! We were playing at writing sounds” she confided to Yard.Média about her debut.

4. She sang at the Zénith de Paris

When we tell you that Leys is not an unknown: she has even already sung on the stage of the Zénith de Paris! It was Kery James who invited her to open for the Zenith in Paris. Yes, just that ! It is also validated by Fianso who made it participate in the program Rentre dans le Cercle. In New School, we even learned that SCH almost signed it! Leys has already released several sounds like Sommet, Bad Gyal or Sortir de la tess, whose clips are available on his channel Youtube.

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Will Leys win New School? We will have to wait until next Thursday to find out if Niska's protege will be among the eliminated… or not! The rap contest episodes will air in three parts on Netflix. Find the Instagrams of New School candidates on PRBK.