LGBT scandal. Kevin HART refused to Oscar-2019

ЛГБТ-скандал. Кевин Харт отказался вести Оскар-2019

The host remembered his tough remarks about homosexuals. In the end, the man refused to conduct the ceremony.

American actor and comedian Kevin HART refused to the upcoming awards ceremony Oscar. The reason was the criticism of him over hard Twitter-articles about homosexuals nine years ago.

That HART refuses the responsibilities of the leader, he said on his page on the social network.

“I made the decision to abandon of the Oscar this year… Because I don’t want to distract everyone in the evening that will be festive for such talented artists,” said the man.

He also stressed that over the years his attitude to the representatives of LGBT has changed and homophobia in the past.

“I’m sorry that I’ve hurt people. I develop and want to continue it. My goal is to bring people together, not to alienate us from each other,” he added.

Earlier it was reported that were named winners of the so-called “television Oscar” – International Emmy Awards.

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