Liam Payne in Puresession : the former One Direction sing Stack It Up acoustic

Liam Payne en Puresession : l'ex One Direction chante Stack It Up en acoustique

Liam Payne in Puresession for PRBK and Pure Charts

Exclusively for PRBK and Pure Charts, Liam Payne has granted us an interview and a Puresession. The ex and One Direction has sung an acoustic version of her single ” Stack It Up and spoke of the time he put in preparing his solo album, LP1, available from 6 December 2019.

Liam Payne sang us Stack It Up in Puresession

During his time in France, in Paris, Liam Payne gave an interview, a Match, or Next, and a Puresession to PRBK and Pure Charts. The british artist has confirmed the return of One Direction without Zayn Malik but also sang her single “Stack It Up in our studios. A song in which the star, encourages people to work to earn the money : So if you wanna stack it up, man, you gotta work for it / I-I-I-I-I-I / Ain’t nobody gonna be doin’ it for ya / I-I-I-I-I / I got dreams and I got time / but that ain’t enough to get me by / So I stack it up, man, I gotta work for it / Yeah, I got money on my mind”.

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@liampayne is pass the microphone PureBreak for us interprter her new single Stack It Up ! Appointment on 6 December for the release of his new solo album. . . . #igtv #igtvchannel #video #liampayne #stackitup #livemusic #puresession #purebreak #onedirection #directioner #live #recovery #single

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If in the clip, Liam Payne wanders in a setting of carnival, ultra-colorful, here he has delivered an acoustic version without rides and without the rapper Has Boogie Wit da Hoodie, but just as catchy. It should be noted that the title Stack It Up of course, will be part of his solo album, baptized , LP1, which will be released on December 6, 2019.

An album “more personal”

The singer is in a relationship with Maya Henry, a fashion model 19 years of age, we also explained why it took so long before the release of his own solo album, while Harry Styles is, for example, already on his second. “When I was in One Direction, it was going very quickly for each album we had two weeks to write and a month to save,” said Liam Payne. But “when you do a solo album, it’s much more personal”, “so I took my time” to do things well. And then there was no rush : “I was not in a hurry”. A video interview 100% music find soon on PRBK and Pure Charts.

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