Liam Payne is back on the departure of Zayn Malik from One Direction : “It was horrendous”

Liam Payne revient sur le départ de Zayn Malik de One Direction : "C'était sordide"

Liam Payne is back on the departure of Zayn Malik of One Direction : “It was horrendous”

The former members of One Direction still do not seem to have any say on the departure of Zayn Malik. Four years after the decision and the shock of their comrade, Liam Payne makes new revelations to this topic, and it might surprise some people. The singer evokes the “sordid” which left Zayn, “without saying goodbye”.

The departure of Zayn Malik of One Direction continues to speak. It must be said that the ex Gigi Hadid left the group in a way that is totally unexpected. Its purpose ? Return to a normal life. Except that shortly after, he launched his solo career : the fans have thought, then, that the british singer has invented this story in order to leave and continue his journey alone. Zayn Malik has especially provoked their anger, and the one of Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Harry Styles, criticizing violently the years she spent within the boysband.

“He has not even said goodbye”

The interpreter Stack It Up even revealed in an interview for Table Manners with Jessie Ware that stay in One Direction would have even “killed“. Hot ! The former of Cheryl Cole comes to make new statements on the departure of Zayn Malik and it might break you to the heart : “The way in which to chose from Zayn was pretty special. We haven’t really heard from him since. To be honest, he didn’t even said goodbye. It was a quite sordid, from our point of view. It was strange and difficult, “explains Payno to GQ Hype.

The ex-member of 1D continues : “We have had our differences throughout our experience with the group. I still think about some of the things that I could say and do, and that I would do differently today, but it is what it is to grow. We had sort of a mentality of school yard, a little as if it was the University of One Direction. All the world regret having said things in the evening, except that, for us, everything was happening in front of the whole world.

“I’m always angry”

Liam Payne is not the only one to be disappointed by Zayn Malik and still be resentful. Louis Tomlinson, who was the nearest of the ex Perrie Edwards, won’t accept her comments on the group : “I’m always angry. I don’t think Zayn has any well-managed (…) He said many of the m*rdes in recent times. I thought everything was going well with the One Direction“, he confessed to Metro. Like what, appearances can be really misleading.

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