Liam Payne’s new single ? It would have broken up with his girlfriend Maya Henry

Liam Payne de nouveau célibataire ? Il aurait rompu avec sa petite amie Maya Henry

Liam Payne’s new single : it would have broken up with his girlfriend Maya Henry

This is an announcement that should delight a lot of people : Liam Payne would again be single ! After six months of relationship, the ex-member of One Direction would be separated from his girlfriend, Maya Henry. What are the reasons for this alleged breach ? What does it have to happen ? Should we believe it ?

After his break-up with Cheryl Cole, Liam Payne went as a couple, with Maya Henry, a model 19 years of age. The interpreter Live Forever has made their relationship public in October 2019, and since then, he no longer hides his love for his girlfriend : “She is really cool. I am very happy at the moment. She is so relaxed that it helps me relax (…) My life is just normal with it and it’s good for you“, he confided in an interview with KISS FM UK. The ex-member of One Direction seems so fully blossomed with his new girlfriend… that would not be today.

Liam Payne and Maya Henry, breaking ?

How is it ? Well, if we believe the info to the Sun, Liam Payne and Maya Henry would have broken after a six-month relationship : “The things between Liam and Maya have recently been difficult. They have decided to stop there. Liam was very busy at the end of last year and when he finally had time for him, they have assessed what they really wanted. They decided to take different paths. Liam mopes not, he wants to put it all behind him. He told everyone that he is single and he wants to go forward.” The british singer and the supermodel have not expressed on their alleged break, nothing is safe from the blow.

Maybe not

All the more that the Daily Mail claims that Liam Payne and Maya Henry are not at all separated : “Maya and Liam are still a couple and are very happy together. They are both far removed from the social networks and have taken the time to enjoy one another away from the spotlight, “says a source. So, who should we believe ? Case to follow.

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