Liberals want to turn the page on the Barrette era

Liberals want to turn the page on Barrette

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Liberal activists are calling on the party to end the Barrette era and even go so far as to demand the depoliticization of the health care system. They voted to delegate the management of the network to an independent state body.

The young people of the Liberal Party of Quebec shook the columns of the temple this weekend at the party convention. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

In addition to the many progressive and green resolutions that have been adopted, the youth wing s attack on health and managed to convince 53% of the Liberals to vote to depoliticize the Quebec health system. & nbsp; & nbsp;

A policy that would reduce the power of the Minister of Health. “There have been several health reforms which have followed one after the other (…) which greatly penalized the citizen in the service allowance”, said William Baril, 18, a young liberal who worked on this resolution. “The goal is that it is not just the idea of ​​a man, or a woman.” & Nbsp;

The organization would thus be managed by a board of directors who would include citizens, managers and elected officials. Decisions should be adopted by two-thirds. “There is a need to withdraw political power,” he said. & Nbsp;

Anglade will think about it

However, the unease was palpable in the corridors of the Convention Center following the adoption of this resolution. A pebble appeared by surprise in the shoe of the chef Dominique Anglade. The latter relied above all on its great progressive and ecological turn. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

With less than a year before the election, this health-related resolution could be on the platform. “I am certainly not going to close the door,” even whispered Ms. Anglade, arguing that she will be investigated. “I think the message is to ensure the stability of the health network.” & Nbsp;

Asked whether her party was turning the page on the Gaétan Barrette era, the leader said that the Quebec is “at a crossroads” in terms of health, and the situation is critical. “There will have to be a reflection on our health system and it will have to be done in collaboration with the people on the ground,” she said. & Nbsp;

Her objective , says Barrette

Present at the congress, the main interested Gaétan Barrette did not parade. He understands the objective, but doubts the relevance of such a resolution. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

“This is not a new idea (…) It is Hydro-Québec to health ”, he pointed out. & nbsp;

According to him, the idea which is defended, but the way in which it was adopted, does not regulate the financing of health which remains political . “It does not lead to depoliticization,” he believes. & Nbsp;

The former Minister of Health and responsible for the most recent reform also maintains that this was one of the objectives, s 'he had succeeded in completing his project. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Moreover, during the last electoral campaign of 2018, the outgoing Prime Minister, Philippe Couillard, announced the possibility of entrusting the management of the system of health to a state-owned company, independent of the political arena. & nbsp;

A possible achievement with administrative maturity and Barrette reform completed, he said. & nbsp; & nbsp;

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