Liberals won't cut out fossil fuels

Liberals won't phase out fossil fuels< /p> and Pascal Dugas Bourdon MISE À DAY

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In a statement released Tuesday, Conservative Party of Canada Leader Erin O'Toole said Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault wants to end Canadian fossil fuels within two years.

< p>“So when Trudeau's environment minister says he wants to ban oil and gas in two years, he has to explain how Canadians, struggling to make ends meet, are going to keep warm, pay their bills and bring their children to school,” he said.


Liberals won't phase out fossil fuels

That's wrong. Steven Guilbeault does not want to put an end to fossil fuels. He wants to end the subsidies granted to companies working in the sector. Accelerating the elimination of subsidies from 2025 to 2023 was an election promise of the Trudeau government.

Mr. O’Toole is based on an interview published in The Narwhal, a Canadian media specializing in the coverage of environmental issues. In the text, a quote attributed to Steven Guilbeault indicates that he wants to “gradually eliminate fossil fuels”. It appears he was misquoted, and the sentence in question has since been corrected by the outlet. The Conservatives do not seem to have taken into account the rest of the interview where it was a question of the elimination of subsidies, not the elimination of fossil fuels.

The minister was quick to react on Twitter. 

“Erin O'Toole and the Conservatives are choosing to deliberately twist our government's plan, instead to scare and divide.”

Charles Mathieu


Not the only ones in America 


Last Saturday, the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec criticized the Minister of Culture, Nathalie Roy, for being “against the cinema”, because of the impossibility for Quebecers to see a film on the big screen. . “We are the only place in America where movie theaters have been and are still closed,” Eric Duhaime wrote on Twitter.


Liberals are not going to eliminate ;fossil fuels

This is simply false: Quebec is not the only place on the continent where cinemas are closed. Ontario and Newfoundland have recently chosen to resort to this same measure in an attempt to curb the spread of the Omicron variant, reputed to be very contagious. 

Asked to explain themselves, the team of M Duhaime gave us an unconvincing account: “This is where they've been closed the longest. This is why it says “have been and are still closed”. »

– Pascal Dugas Bourdon

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