“Libertad” : the dream salvadoran Francisco Randez

«Libertad» : le rêve salvadorien de Francisco Randez

MONTREAL – Happy in Quebec, but honnissant the winter, Francisco Randez caress the dream of opening a resort in el Salvador. It follows the implementation of his project in “Libertad”, docu-reality, which begins to Escape the next week, and whose views of the surf oversized dream!

If younger, the need for freedom of Francisco Randez is expressed by a thirst for money and power, today, man aspires, rather, to take the broad in the simplicity.

Where his ambition, around which revolves the series, to inaugurate a camp-hotel, where he could organize retreats, surfing and martial arts. A facility type that does not yet exist on the Coast of la Libertad region of el Salvador, whose name means “Freedom” in French.

Emergency live

The contractor has already stirred amount of business in Quebec, he is the co-owner of the restaurants Hà and Nhâu Bar, but to establish a business in a foreign country, where the supply of electricity and running water is not acquired, is a whole other challenge. Randez, who has not yet purchased his land at the beginning of the show, is accompanied in the pursuit of his dream by his beloved aunt, Rosemarie, and his girlfriend, Ariane, a globetrotteuse as curious as him.

It is thanks to Ariane, who has lived in el Salvador for five years, Francisco has been charmed by this corner of the planet. His lover is suffering from cancer of the ovaries – she will begin in the near future immunotherapy treatments –, it is also in an emergency to build something with it, that Francisco wanted to try the adventure.

“In the series, we will realize that, even if I had a lot planned this trip, there are plenty of twists and realities that I was faced. Salvadorans are great people for their generosity and their kindness. In “Libertad”, it follows me in a quest for business development, but especially in the integration in a community”, explained Francisco Randez to reporters, Tuesday morning.

“Libertad” is the second appointment that the driver Escape, after the “Aventuras Panama”, in 2009.


From the first episode, “Libertad” we soaked up the warm atmosphere of el Salvador. Francisco Randez tells brilliantly the 40 degrees in the sun, the smells (“It still feels a little of the fire of leaves in a barrel”), the surf that we balance box in the back of the “pick-up” to go tame the wave and the bouette left by the end of the rainy season.

Ten hours of “Libertad” alternate between moments of discovery, pure, el Salvador (climate, beauties and activities with local, gastronomy) and first steps in the realization of the fantasy professional Francisco, to begin with the search for the perfect place to its centre.

Its aspirations will not be simple to implement, not least because of the cost – it is calculated in u.s. dollars in el Salvador – and the size and amenities required by his idea.

There is no need, moreover, to mention that the pandemic has severely dampened the enthusiasm of Francisco in his steps, and tint the result to the screen. He and his team were still in el Salvador when the country’s borders have been closed, and the mounting of the episodes of “Libertad” has obviously been completed home and away.

“It has made us live a lot of emotions,” said Francisco Randez.

Evasion in progress

Nathalie Fabien, senior director, channels and programming, TVA Group, had good news to announce regarding Escape during the meeting virtual press on the subject of “Libertad” on Tuesday.

Inspiring in these uncertain times, the channel has seen its audience increase of 28 % over the course of the summer. His show, the most popular of the season, “Van Adventure”, will be a second round next spring. And a fifth edition of “Towards the sea”, with David Bernard, we will be on the most beautiful beaches of Canada, effective 28 October.

Other new Escape will also be announced soon for the beginning of 2021.

  • “Libertad”, on Wednesday, 20 h, to Escape, as early as 19 August.
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