Life after “the Avengers”: 4-phase kynoselen Marvel prepares 10 TV shows and movies

Viewers will see the fourth “Thor”, a series about Loki, as well as the continuation of the story about Dr. Strange

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Жизнь после "Мстителей": 4-я фаза киновселенной Marvel готовит сразу 10 сериалов и фильмов

“The Avengers: Finale”

The company Marvel at this annual event Comic Con in San Diego revealed the secrets on the upcoming fourth phase of its kynoselen, which begins after “the Avengers”. Note that in the fourth phase in kynoselen back actress Natalie Portman.

Find out what movies from the 90s like the Ukrainians:

Fourth kinovisa from Marvel will include a total of 10 projects: six feature films and four TV series (one animated). At the same time as in the movies and TV shows to their roles going back many actors from previous films.

It is worth noting that starts the fourth phase of Marvel solo film about Black widow, where the role of the superhero spy Natasha Romanova back Scarlett Johansson. It on the set will be Rachel Weisz, Florence Pugh, David harbour and others. The release of the film “Black widow” in hire is planned for may 1, 2020.

Next in line will be a series about the superhero the Falcon, which in the last Avengers was given the shield of Captain America and the Winter soldier. Starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan, respectively. Also the crew will be joined by Daniel brühl, who plays the role of the antagonist Baron Helmut Zemo in the movie “the First avenger. Confrontation.” The release of the movie “the Falcon and the Winter soldier” is scheduled for fall 2020. This will be the first series from Marvel, released on the new streaming service, Disney+, launched at the end of 2019. On it and will leave all future serial projects Marvel.

In addition, in November 2020 is scheduled for release on the big screens the new film from kynoselen – “Eternal”, where the main role among others will be performed by Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek and Richard Madden. It will be brand new for kynoselen Marvel characters, and events are associated with space adventures.

Another brand-new film project for Marvel will be the picture “Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings,” which will be released in February 2021. The film will introduce fans kynoselen with a superhero-a martial arts master Shang-Chi, whose role will be performed by canadian actor Lew SIM.

In the spring of 2021 at Disney+ scheduled release of the series “Vandaveer”, from the name which it is clear that we will focus on the characters scarlet witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and vision (Paul Bettany). It is expected that the speech in the series will focus on the events after the ending of the Avengers, despite the fact that at that time the vision is officially considered dead.

In may 2021 on the big screen will release a second film about the magician Dr. Strange “Doctor strange: Into the multiverse of madness”, which again will be performed by British actor Benedict Cumberbatch. It is also known that the film will involve the character the Scarlet witch played by Elizabeth Olsen. The creators have already announced that they are preparing to remove unusually dark for a Marvel film.

Also in the spring of 2021 at Disney+ scheduled long-awaited series “Loki” on the half-brother of Thor, one of the most beloved characters of the fans kynoselen Marvel. The role of the God of deception and illusions, which at different times was both a supervillain and superhero again will be performed by British actor Tom Hiddleston. It is expected that despite the death of Loki in “the infinity War”, it will be his fate after the ending of the Avengers in the past, he managed to escape with the Tesseract.

In the summer of 2021 on the platform of Disney+ plans to release the animated series from the Marvel “What if…?”, where the characters should sound many actors, known for the Marvel movies. It is expected that the animated series will present alternative versions of events from previous films.

Also in the fall of 2021 Disney+ plans to release the series “Hawkeye,” where the role of marksman Clint Barton will return to Jeremy Renner. It is expected that the film will tell about the formation of his successor Kate Bishop, and five years of Barton between the events of “infinity War” and “Final”, when it turned into a brutal vigilante Ronin.

Will complete the fourth phase of kynoselen Marvel fourth of Thor “Thor: Love and thunder.” Likely, this film will focus on the events after the finale of the Avengers, and the already announced Chris Hemsworth in the role of the Torah and Tessa Thompson in the role of the Valkyries. Also the role of Dr. Jane foster will be back Natalie Portman, which, not counting the flashbacks in the finale of Avengers, full appeared in this role in the second part, Thor 2013 release. The film will be the secret of Waititi, who directed the third part of Thor “Ragnarok”.

Another surprise from the Marvel became the movie “blade” with Maharshal Ali in the lead role. However, no other details about the film about a half man, the vampire is still unknown – no Director or release date is not yet announced.

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Note, the previous three phases of kynoselen Marvel included 23 films, starting with “Iron man” in 2008. The third phase of kynoselen Marvel consisted of 11 films released from may 2016 to July 2019. It included such films as: “the First avenger: the Confrontation” (2016) “Doctor strange” (2016), “Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 2” (2017), “spider-Man: the Return home” (2017), “Thor: Ragnarok” (2017), Black Panther (2018) and “Avengers: infinity War” (2018), “ant-Man and Wasp” (2018), “Captain marvel” (2019), “Avengers Finale” (2019) and “spider-Man: Far from home” (2019). The finale of the Avengers has set a number of records at the box office.

Recall that the portal Just Jared have compiled a list of Marvel movies from worst to best based on the scores of movies on the portal Rotten Tomatoes. Nizkotsenovom kinokontrol was the sequel to “Thor.”

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