Life hack from Anna Sedokova: how to increase lips for three minutes

The singer shared a useful video.

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Лайфхак от Анны Седоковой: как увеличить губы за три минуты

Anna Sedokova

Recently, the popular singer Anna Sedokova frequent everyday tips. Previously, she encouraged the fans to work, and now it’s time for makeup.

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It is worth noting that the appearance of Anna Sedokova very bright and many fans are confident that not without plastic surgery. The singer says that using the correct techniques in makeup can enhance the lips for three minutes without surgery.

So, on his page in Instagram singer published a video, which using a regular pencil makes your lips plump. The main rule – not afraid to go beyond the contours of the lips and slightly smudge the pencil. By the way, the star admitted that not all makeup artists can make up her lips, so she often before concerts makes it herself.

“When the 600th time I read about yourself in the comments that I should stop doing it to pump up lips, I knew it was time to open cards and show how I have them “pumped”. This technology is a favorite of the Kardashian sisters,” wrote the actress.

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