Life in the cities-bubbles” of the NHL

La vie dans les «villes-bulles» de la LNH

The national hockey League (NHL) has given a glimpse of what life might be like for the players and staff of each training in “cities-bubbles”, located in Toronto and Edmonton, during a presentation made to the latter.

The authorities of the circuit Bettman will be responsible for daily testing of all members of the teams to avoid a spread of the COVID-19. Also, the kiosks will be installed on sites in order to detect more easily the temperature of a person or if it shows symptoms with the help of an application.

“To protect the inviolability of the safe zone and cities is very important to ensure that the health and well-being of each individual are supported, said NHL commissioner Gary Bettman at the site Out of the “bubble” is something that we simply cannot tolerate.”

The NHL is encouraged by the results of the last few days, but only two tests have received a positive diagnosis on nearly 800 players.

“I can tell you that up to now, this week, there has been no positive result, said the deputy commissioner of the NHL, Bill Daly. I think that it is necessary to give the credit to the players for their professionalism and the necessary precautions that they take.”

The players will be free to spectators, as a security perimeter will be erected with the help of fences. Security guards will ensure that everything is running smoothly. In addition, the league has put in place a system that will allow players to bring food from multiple restaurants and several other goods which will come from outside the “bubble”. Players will also have access to several facilities, such as fitness centres and cinemas.

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