“Life throws its challenges”: TAYANNA about his departure from the show “Dances with stars z 2019”

Ukrainian singer thanked the fans for their support

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"Жизнь бросает свои вызовы": TAYANNA о своем уходе из шоу "Танці з зірками 2019"


This Sunday, September 1, was held the second live project “Dances with stars z 2019”. As it turned out, the entertainment, the show left a vivid participant – Ukrainian singer TAYANNA.

Watch the performance TAYANNA and Igor Kuzmenko in the second live project “Dances with stars z 2019”:

According to the results of the audience voting, to which he added scores from judges Catherine Kuchar, Vlad Pits and Francisco Gomez, the weakest dancers of the updated project “Tantsi z with a stars” became TAYANNA and Igor Kuzmenko. Foxtrot, who criticized Catherine Kuchar, the pair sang the song of Sofia Rotaru. The judges praised the dance Danny and Igor in 22 points. They left the project. For many fans, such a result of the second air disappointed, why the artist wrote a huge post to Instagram, where she thanked everyone for their support.

“Friends, very grateful for your messages of support, sent SMS, you have me the best! I’m happy to have such fans… Life throws us challenges and we have to accept it, so the main thing to test is experience, he tempers and makes us better… I tried to feel the dance, not as a competition but as an emotion. It was a truly memorable two weeks as a little life. Thank you all!” – posted by TAYANNA.

In addition, the singer made a surprise announcement by writing on his page in Instagram that show where there is a script and everything for the role – not her story. But, soon, the artist deleted the post.

By the way, before the beginning of the project “Dances with stars z 2019” TAYANNA was injured in rehearsals. The singer cracked a rib, and her performance was in jeopardy.

How was the second live show “Dances with stars z”, read more here.

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