“Lifelong therapy”: Kim Kardashian frightened by a terrible diagnosis

The reality star is terminally ill

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The star of American reality show Kim Kardashian, who recently surprised the resemblance with his daughter in Chicago, has upset fans of the disappointing news – she was diagnosed with red lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. After the tests and heard the diagnosis a celebrity not a little scared.

As writes the edition People, Kim Kardashian after the statement about the diseases for the first time decided to reveal all the details of treatment. Because the star will not be able to recover, it will only lifelong therapy.

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“I found an amazing doctor, Dr. Wallace, who discovered the cause of my problem. Unfortunately, I had to take medication to deal with the terrible symptoms. We chose the optimal plan of action. Autoimmune problems are truly frightening. Until recently, I never thought I would be among the sick people. The thoughts swirling in my head, thinking the worst. From all this you can really fall into a depressive state. I got out of it, but I was scared,” shared Kim Kardashian.

Recall that with lupus struggling actress and singer Selena Gomez. Because of illness she needed a kidney transplant, and another girl is often treated in a psychiatric clinic — lupus triggers depression.

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"Пожизненная терапия": Ким Кардашьян напугана страшным диагнозом

"Пожизненная терапия": Ким Кардашьян напугана страшным диагнозом

"Пожизненная терапия": Ким Кардашьян напугана страшным диагнозом


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