“Lifted the entire room, all the coaches”: the winner of the “Voice of the country” impressed the audience deeply, live

"Подняла весь зал, всех тренеров": триумфатор "Голосу країни" впечатлила зрителей до глубины души, видео

today, 18:38

It became known that the presentation by Olga Miller on the popular vocal show “voice of the country-10” has stirred up social networks and breaking records hits. The finalist of the fourth season, whose career was almost ruined because of a back injury, triumphantly returned to the project with the song “Lovely”. Less than a week the performance of the girls collected more than 800 thousand views on the YouTube channel.

"Подняла весь зал, всех тренеров": триумфатор "Голосу країни" впечатлила зрителей до глубины души, видео

The voice-10

“You stood up and took up the entire room, all the coaches,” said Potapov.

In turn, Dan said that he wants to produce an artist like her.

“I never used no trumps to battle the party, but not in this case – I have a song ready for you,” he admitted.

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And Tina said that Olga Miller is a role model for millions who have lost faith in themselves.

Almost 6 years ago, a girl broke into “the Voice” with the song “Yellow shoes”. Step by step she wins at all stages and took third place in the vocal show. But she got the test of fate. Due to problems with the back 19-year-old singer was forced again to learn to walk.

2 years she was undergoing treatment, and rehabilitation continues today. Daily girl, closed in itself. As a result besides the physical pain, she got more and emotional exhaustion, which culminated in a protracted depression.

"Подняла весь зал, всех тренеров": триумфатор "Голосу країни" впечатлила зрителей до глубины души, видео

The voice-10

Now the participant of the show said that her life resembled the existence of a desperate man. She helped support relatives. At the initiative of the sisters Olga began to return to work.

In the tenth season the blind auditions young girl came with the song “Lovely”. Just as soon as all the coaches turned to the girl, and the audience gave a standing ovation.

“This song is about me. I chose it knowing that I won’t have to experience these emotions. By that time I just was in them. Before the performance I spent the day not talking, there were complications with relationships, so understand to sing the way I wanted, not work. When I got on stage, I said to myself: “Ol, sing with your soul – “the Voice” feel it.” When you realize that technically you can’t now show a maximum, the heart and soul “included” is especially powerful. Later seeing that the video is gaining views, could not believe that this is happening to me. I was afraid that people would not perceive me. Worried how would react to the fact that I decided to try their hand a second time… Now I’m overwhelmed,” shared the participant.

"Подняла весь зал, всех тренеров": триумфатор "Голосу країни" впечатлила зрителей до глубины души, видео

Olga Miller

Also the girl burst into tears right on the stage, and when it came time to choose a coach, it is a few minutes hesitated. As a result, the Olga chose Tina Karol.

“I wrote my songs and put them in a drawer, knowing that my path will be a little difficult. I wasn’t planning on returning to the show, I was afraid of him. When the coaches returned, I thought about how to finish singing the song and not break. And when the song ended, I sat down and cried, because all it was impossible to keep. I didn’t expect anyone of the coaches presses the red button, really. The most difficult part for me was the fact that back all. I stood on the stage more than a minute, I thought, to whom to go, and then decided to choose heart, feeling. Stopped, looked everyone in the eye and realized that Tina feel,” shared Olga.

We will remind that the jury of the National selection for Eurovision 2020 changes – Andrey Danilko joined Tina and Vitaly Drozdov.

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, 25 January the famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol, who is credited with the affair with the equally famous Dan Balan, celebrates his 35-th birthday.

Also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that the coach show “Golos Krainy” Tina boasted very tender in unexpected ways, posing in a cozy knitted sweater-oversized caramel color with a high neckline.

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