“Light digestion” herbal teas could well have the opposite effect: infusions recalled because of a toxic plant

Herbal teas sold throughout France from Perpignan in the Pyrénées-Orientales contain a toxic plant. They are the subject of a vast consumer recall since Monday July 1, 2024.

These infusions could well have the opposite effect. The site Rappel conso publishes four warnings on herbal teas sold by the Herboristerie moderne store, located in Perpignan.

Four infusions concerned

Several infusions sold from this Perpignan shop are likely to contain datura, a toxic plant.

"All parts of the plant are toxic and can cause serious or even fatal health effects", explains ANSES (Agence national health security) on its site.

Four references are affected by this recall: liver herbal tea (lot 240103), happiness herbal tea (lots n°240232 and n°240052), sleep herbal tea ( lots n°240157 and n°240234) and light digestion herbal tea (lot n°240554).

Watch for symptoms

The government website invites consumers to be alert to the possible appearance of several symptoms of intoxication: "Dryness of the mouth, dilated pupils, visual disturbances, tachycardia, agitation, confusion, spatiotemporal disorientation, hallucinations, incoherent speech."

The toxic plant would have contaminated a batch of sweet woodruff, one of the ingredients in the mixture. Contacted by our colleagues from l’Indépendant, the herbalist explains that it is unlikely that the possible presence of datura will pose a problem to consumers& ;nbsp;: "For example, woodruff only represents 17 % of digestion herbal tea. So you would have to drink large quantities of herbal tea where there may be this plant to have a big problem."

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