Ligue 1: “no risk” for Joris Chotard, exams expected for Silvan Hefti after the success of the MHSC in Nice

Ligue 1: “no risk” for Joris Chotard, exams expected for Silvan Hefti after the success of the MHSC in Nice

Joris Chotard, here in the fight with Sanson in the first leg (0-0), gave up his place at half-time on Friday. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

The midfielder and the right side were injured during Montpellier's success in Nice (1-2), Friday March 8. 

Montpellier only brought back from Nice a crucial victory for maintenance on Friday. If he won 2-1 after a real fight, he also had to deal with the injury exits of Joris Chotard and Silvan Hefti on the pitch of the # 39;Allianz Riviera. 

The second was the first of the two to give up his place, from the 13th minute. "He was hit behind the thigh and will take exams on Monday", said Michel Der Zakarian, at a press conference for' post-match. 

Hefti injured before Nice's equalizer

A few moments before being replaced by Enzo Tchato, author of a convincing entry, the Swiss right-back had been beaten on the Nice equalizer by Boga, scorer of the head. "He was already injured, but he did not warn us before and is late for the center", observed l&# 39;Hérault coach. 

Der Zak had to make a change again, this time at half-time, to replace Joris Chotard. "I felt from the first five minutes almost a little point behind the calf, explained the Hérault environment in the mixed zone. I hadn’not necessarily taken a hit and I felt like a crutch".

Chotard: "Don't fart on me for the end of the season"

At the break, the decision was therefore made to replace him with Léo Leroy, whose contribution was also interesting. "I told myself that I had lasted 45 minutes and that I could have lasted the second half, estimated Chotard. But the medical opinion was unfavorable." "The physiotherapist didn't want him to take any risks so as not to have a tear behind", added the pailladin coach.

"I’I listened and I preferred not to force myself this evening (Friday) and not to fart for the end of the season, concluded Chotard, rather than force and be absent longer."

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