“Like a beat of it” by Sylvia Day: the love after the loss of a child

«Comme un battement d’elle» de Sylvia Day: l’amour après le deuil d’un enfant

Author of twenty novels sold tens of millions of copies around the world, including the series Crossfire, the American, Sylvia Day is inspired by a tragedy experienced by one of his close friends to write Like a beat to it. His new novel shows, with a lot of emotion, the effects of the death of a child on a relationship.

Like a heartbeat it is a love story. But a history of intense, incandescent, like Sylvia Day knows how to imagine. And a history also marked by a tragedy and intimate by the slow reconstruction of a man and a woman deeply upset.

The heroine, Teagan, just moved into a renovated house in Seattle. She has made new friends and his new job is rewarding. She has reconciled with her past and lays the foundation for its future.

The arrival of a new neighbor extremely handsome, but tormented, Garrett Frost, just to upset his balance. Love can be born into difficult conditions?


In an interview from his residence in Las Vegas, Sylvia Day, explained that she had felt the urge to write this new novel after a friend very close to had lost his little two year-old son in an accident.

“I’ve seen the effects of this tragedy, its impact on the whole family, the relations that have been reduced to pieces, the other became more solid. I have seen how they have gone through the stages of grief – a grief that will never really end,” she confided.

Sylvia Day added that she tries to write for everyone. “I would like to write in a way that, regardless of the event that you have gone through, you find a story that somewhat resembles your life, to which you’ll attach more.

“When I saw unravel the relationship between my friend and her daughter-in-law, I would have wanted it to end differently, but it has not been the case. So, I decided to write a story, with this different ending.”

The novelist’s success is documented on the effects of the grief of a child. “In his book, Greg Garrett reveals that 16 % of marriages end after the death of a child, but most couples stay together. Unfortunately for my friend, his son and his daughter-in-law are separated. I took their history, and I turned it, so that they can, by the literature, can be found in the majority of cases. “

A most beautiful end

His friends have read the novel. “It has affected them a lot and they cried a lot, but they also told me that it was a testimony magnet and moving on to what they had gone through, and what they would have wished – to stay together.”

Introduce them to the novel has made her very nervous. “I was afraid that they react in a negative way, but it is the contrary that happened. It was cathartic, and at the end of the book, they felt better, and I hope that other readers feel better too.”

Intense process

Sylvia Day explains that the writing has been very strange. “I’ve read a lot of books on grief, on the loss of a child. I myself have two kids, and when I was writing from the point of view of Teagan, I had to experience his emotions, so imagine losing my own children.” It was exhausting, but she loved this experience difficult to describe, she adds.

The characters of the hit series Crossfire appear in caméos here and there. “I will not make a series from this book, but the characters belong to the universe of the series, Crossfire. By reading the next few books, you’ll see them appear again, because they are part of the casting, if you want.”

  • Sylvia Day was born in California and now lives in Las Vegas.
  • It tops the list of bestsellers of the New York Times and USA Today.
  • She has written twenty novels, award-winning, sold in more than 40 countries and is head of sales in 28 of them.
  • His books have been printed in tens of millions of copies.
  • His web site : sylviaday.com


Sylvia Day, Editions Flammarion
256 pages”>

Like a beat of it
Sylvia Day, Editions Flammarion
256 pages

– Where are you going to request Garrett frowning.

– Pardon?

I have the impression of having hit, head-on, even if I have avoided the collision by a quick leap backwards. Dressed in a black t-shirt close to the body, jeans baggy, faded and a pair of rangers, he is the polar opposite of the man I had met earlier in the day. However, the layer of additional tissue in no way detracts from the effect he has on me.

I’ve been thinking about it for a moment, troubled to be this affected by his presence. A dam holds only if it has no crack.

– He really must stop meeting like this.”

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