Like an After-Christmas in may

Des allures d’Après-Noël en mai

Maude Ouellet and
Camille Lalancette

The re-opening of several businesses in the greater Montréal has taken on the allure of balances of Boxing Day, yesterday, if not that the mild weather made the never-ending wait in the queue more enjoyable than the month of December.

“This is crazy ! There are in the world ! It makes me think of Boxing Day “, said Dany Beaucage when it is placed behind the sixty people in line in front of the electronic store Best Buy Centre Laval, yesterday lunchtime.

On the right side, approximately 120 consumers patientaient to enter the shop of sports goods Sportium during the passage of the Log.

“It’s not so bad. I waited 45 minutes, ” said Noelia Delgado, who came to find a stroller to the race that she could not buy online, in order to place Maria, his girl of 3 years, when she jogs.


In the city centre of Montreal, as well as on the north and south shores of the island, customers were febrile in the queues that allowed you to enter in retail shops.

They were closed for two months due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

In the queue for the shop Zara on rue Sainte-Catherine in Montreal, Catherine Perreault and Bianca Ross-Abre welcomed the opening of the store because they prefer to try their clothing before you buy.

“It was starting to press ! I need to find fancy clothes for the job, ” quipped Ms. Ross-Abre.

“People respect the guidelines, everyone washes their hands at the entrance, people need to keep their things on them, nothing goes on the ground,” explained the head of security for the store Zara in the city centre, Mohamed Rihani.

Exchanges and returns

Just as when the balances of the After-Christmas, several people were in the store for exchange or refund of the products.

The store Best Buy Centre Laval was even a queue is reserved for those who had to go to customer service.

Met her at the shop on Pandora in the Quartier DIX30 in Brossard, Nancy Lessard had come to share the gift that she had offered to his daughter for her birthday.

Nancy Lessard


“I didn’t want to do the exchange online. With the postal delays, it was too long, ” said the one who remains in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

In addition to the shops of ready-to-wear, and shops, sports stores, children’s clothing and shoes had become popular with customers of the metropolitan Community of Montreal.

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