Like Floyd, he died one hour after his violent arrest

Comme Floyd, il est mort une heure apr├Ęs son arrestation violente

The publication of the video of the arrest that led to the death of George Floyd has done in so many other images of police actions as violent began to circulate.

This is the case of the arrest of a man in Oklahoma City occurred in may 2019, which the video was made public after requests from the movement Black Lives Matter.

Just like Floyd, he died shortly after the incident. And just like Floyd, he repeated several times “I can’t breathe” while being held to the ground, CNN reported.

On the images, we can see the police confront Derrick Scott, 42, in a parking lot after receiving a call about an armed man.

Scott puts first his hands in the air before finally running. He is pursued by two agents who are catching up and the plate on the ground.

One of the police officers put the victim’s arm behind his back. “I can’t breathe”, said Mr. Scott. “I don’t care,” responds the policeman.

Eventually, an officer noticed that the suspect does not move and that he no longer speaks. “He made as though he was unconscious,” said one of them.

While Derrick Scott was on the ground, one of the policemen pulled a gun out of his pocket. Eventually, he was taken away on a stretcher. An hour later, he was dead.

The investigation was unable to determine the cause of death. The coroner said that there was no trauma fatal, but that the physical stress, the recent use of methamphetamine and asthma may have played a role.

The police in Oklahoma City said its police officers had not used excessive force and that they were exempted in this whole story.

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