Like no chicken heads: the imperfect family of Pierre-Yves Bernard

As Chicken's Heads: The Imperfect Family of Pierre-Yves Bernard


Pierre-Yves Bernard took advantage of “a rare moment of availability” in his acting career to launch the project Comme des têtes pas de poule, a new family comedy expected this fall on Télé-Québec.

He who co-signed the texts of classics for our small screen such as Dans a galaxy near you and Midnight, Eveninglaid the foundations of this daily life before fully committing to this universe, thus returning to the youth and the family from which he had distanced himself in recent years.

Writing the series with colleagues, Pierre-Yves Bernard wanted to present a loving and sympathetic clan, but in which perfection did not invite itself.

“What was important to me was to present an imperfect family because families all are, but not on TV, he points out. At home, there are three children and during suppers, it is chaos. »

At the Babin-Bibeaus (the parents are played by David Savard and Mélanie Pilon), the characters experience a lot of emotions while committing their share of blunders.

Far from the fantastic

By developing a funny program, but with strong scents of reality, Pierre-Yves Bernard obviously moved away from fantastic productions such as Fée Éric andThe Argonauts. However, that did not prevent him from letting his humor – one of his strengths – express itself.

“I wanted to talk about the reality of families, young people and teenagers today. . There is an anchor that is stronger in reality, but that does not block me at all in my humor. »

Laughter is inseparable from the work of Pierre-Yves Bernard. Despite the creation of more touching scenes, he was not going to leave this element aside in Comme des têtes pas de poule.

“At times, we wanted to give a little more emotional and dramatic side, but generally, humor is present from beginning to end. »

A beautiful sandbox

The Babin-Bibeau family greatly stimulated the imagination of Pierre-Yves Bernard. The people who make it up generated “a bundle of ideas” in him.

“Between Flavie [Élia St -Pierre], 12, and Victoria [Estelle Fournier], 16, there four years. In the life of a young person, it is huge. As an author, it allows me to have a more naive and candid Flavie, and a more cynical and ironic Victoria […] It creates a really cool sandbox for me with a bunch of different toys instead of just having Tonka trucks. (laughs)

The author is not done playing, because he is already working on writing the second season of his series. He also continues to write texts for the third film In a galaxy near you with his friend Claude Legault.