Like sea Nigma: Masha Efrosinina showed a Luxe finish

Chief expert super show “Divalign people” surprised a bright outfit

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Словно морская нифма: Маша Ефросинина показала роскошный образ

Masha Efrosinina

For the Grand finale super show “Divalign people”, which will take place this Saturday, 27 April at 21:00 on TV channel “Ukraine”, Masha Efrosinina picked out a ridiculous outfit.

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Blue dress smell entirely studded with sequins, Masha added massive earrings. Under her dress was visible elegant sandals to match, and puffed sleeves, and made her way festivity. In this outfit the star looked glamorous. Pretty dress, as it turned out, has a spectacular cut that bares one leg. To incredible along Masha Efrosinina picked up no less than a spectacular hair: perfectly coiffed curls resembled an ocean wave.

Словно морская нифма: Маша Ефросинина показала роскошный образ

The Ukrainian presenter Masha Efrosinina

It should be noted that Masha Efrosinina before choosing outfits deep blue shade, which is definitely very becoming expert show “Divalign people.”

Словно морская нифма: Маша Ефросинина показала роскошный образ

Masha Efrosinina in the bright image at super show “Divalign people

Recall continues the nationwide SMS-vote for the winner of the super show. To see the finalists of the project and the rules of voting on the website of the channel “Ukraine”. The name of the winner, the audience gave the highest number of votes, will announce the host of the project Oleksandr skychko live the most anticipated events of spring – Grand finale super show “Divalign people” on April 27. The winner will receive a cash prize of 200 000 USD and the title of the Superbrain.

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Large-scale show “Divalign people” is a Ukrainian adaptation of the popular German format, The Brain, which was released in the USA, France, China, Italy, Brazil, Portugal and other countries. In the new project of TV channel “Ukraine” are fighting for the victory of the people with outstanding mental abilities to memorize huge amounts of information very quickly I believe, have stereoscopic vision, an impressive tactile, motor, muscle, or musical memory.

Stellar project experts became a popular TV presenter, honorary Ambassador of United Nations Fund for population in Ukraine Masha Efrosinina, the famous singer, the Queen of the night Olya Polyakova, a leading chief of the talk show “Talking Ukraine” on the channel “Ukraine” Alexey Sukhanov and scientist, popularizer of science Viktor Komarenko.

Earlier in an exclusive commentary Today.Lifestyle Masha Efrosinina told about the unexpected turn in life and commented on the pregnancy rumors. And also recently the star gave his followers a lesson on how to style, how to match blue tights.

By the way, the Ukrainian leading recently launched your personal brand home wear. The details in the story:

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