Likes, dislikes: tourists from which countries have the best and worst reviews

                                Любит – не любит: туристы из каких стран оставляют лучшие и худшие отзывы

Some gorgeous all inclusive, for others the average C grade. The portal RewardExpert found out, tourists from which countries were most often leave positive and negative reviews.

The authors of the rating have examined 3.5 million reviews on hotels in 70 countries, to understand tourists which countries are the most difficult to impress, writes Perito Burrito.

The report showed that the most grateful travelers come from Russia: 46,16 % of Russian Internet users set to the hotels of five stars. In second place was the Serbs, and the third is Lebanese. Ukrainians in the list of the happy campers took only 12-th line: only 44,36% of Ukrainian travellers was fully satisfied with the hotels.

15 countries with the most friendly tourists:

    Express info by country

    Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the fifth among all the planets of the Solar system in size.

                                Любит – не любит: туристы из каких стран оставляют лучшие и худшие отзывы

    Age – 4.54 billion years

    Average radius – 6 378,2 km

    The average circumference – 030,2 40 km

    Area – 072 510 million km2 (of 29.1 percent and 70.9% water)

    The number of the continents – 6: Eurasia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia and Antarctica

    The number of oceans – 4: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic

    Population – 7.3 billion people (50.4% of men and 49.6% women)

    The most densely populated States: Monaco (18 678 people/km2), Singapore (7607/km2) and the Vatican (1914/km2)

    Number of countries: a total of 252 independent 195

    The number of languages in the world – about 6,000

    The number of official languages – 95; the most common are English (56 countries), French (29 countries) and Arabic (24 countries)

    The number of nationalities – about 2 000

    Climatic zones: Equatorial, tropical, temperate and Arctic (main) + sub-Equatorial, subtropical and subarctic (transitional)

  1. Russia
  2. Serbia
  3. Lebanon
  4. Australia
  5. Belarus
  6. Israel
  7. Georgia
  8. Jordan
  9. USA
  10. Colombia
  11. Brazil
  12. Ukraine
  13. Cyprus
  14. New Zealand
  15. Egypt

With the most grumpy tourists is also not so obvious. The first line of the rating took the Spaniards, despite the fact that they are known for their relaxed attitude to life. The Spaniards often leave negative (one and two star) reviews for hotels and almost do not give positive ratings (four or five stars).

Similarly known for their hospitality and love for fun the Irish are the second most negative reviews. Most after travel, they like to leave reviews with one or two stars. In third place is Iceland.

                                Любит – не любит: туристы из каких стран оставляют лучшие и худшие отзывы

15 countries with the most dissatisfied tourists:

  1. Spain
  2. Ireland
  3. Iceland
  4. Italy
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Zimbabwe
  7. Denmark
  8. Turkey
  9. Iran
  10. Lithuania
  11. Netherlands
  12. Norway
  13. Oman
  14. Uruguay
  15. Thailand

Earlier this year RewardExpert published a similar rating dedicated to different States of the USA. It turned out that the most difficult to meet the needs of residents of Washington, Colorado and Oregon. The friendly turned out to be natives of Louisiana, Mississippi, and new Hampshire.

A full report on the residents of different countries, see HERE.

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