Lili Reinhart speaks out on the death of Luke Perry : “His spirit visited me”

Lili Reinhart se confie sur la mort de Luke Perry : "Son esprit m'a rendu visite"

Lili Reinhart speaks out on the death of Luke Perry : “His spirit came to visit me.”

This will soon be a month that Luke Perry has died of a STROKE. His disappearance continues to haunt her fans and the players of Riverdale, especially Lili Reinhart who thinks that the spirit of the ex-interpreter Fred Andrews came to visit him. The girlfriend of Cole Sprouse speaks out about his particular experience.

“I had a dream last night where I saw Luke”

The death of Luke Perry, announced on 4 march, 2019, has been a real shock. Thousands of tributes have been posted on the web and after a year, the memory of the former star of Beverly Hills continues to be honoured, especially by the actors of Riverdale.

Lili Reinhart, she has dreamed of Luke Perry : “I had a dream last night where I saw Luke. I hugged myself in my arms and wept on his shoulder telling him how we lack all. In retrospect this morning, I think that his spirit visited me during my sleep to let me know that he is happy on the other side.” For his part, KJ Apa has posted a photo flashback of him and his phony father on Instagram.

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Luke Perry forgot the Oscars 2020

Fans of Luke Perry, stars of Riverdale , or even Beverly Hills do not forget… unlike the Oscars 2020. The ex-interpreter Fred Andrews was forgotten at the moment a special tribute at the ceremony : “The Academy receives hundreds of requests to include family members and industry colleagues in this sequence In Memoriam at the Oscars. An executive committee representing each branch reviews the list and makes his selection for the live broadcast based on the time available, often limited. All submissions are included on the site and will remain on it throughout the year. Thus, Luke Perry and Cameron Boyce are recognized in the gallery of the site, “explained the Academy.

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