Lindemann Rammstein left and went home Loboda

Линдеманн бросил Rammstein и едет на родину Лободы

Til Lindemann and Svetlana Loboda photo:

today, 09:30

The leader of Rammstein’s til Lindemann, on a tour to Europe without my band. However, to speak he will not be alone. In March, the concerts will be held in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Tickets for concerts till Lindemann with a Swedish colleague, the singer of the band Hypocrisy, Peter Tägtgren, with whom they recorded the album in Germany was sold out in seconds. The concerts will take place not in stadiums, which usually acts as Rammstein, fronted Lindeman, and concert halls.

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Линдеманн бросил Rammstein и едет на родину Лободы

Till Lindemann

The public pledged more than the chamber atmosphere, and availability of the artists. From Germany Lindeman and Tagtgren will travel to Stockholm, Helsinki, Prague, Vienna, Zurich, Paris, London, and in March will reach Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Concert in St.-Petersburg will be held March 2, in Minsk, March 4, in Kiev – 6th, in Moscow the 15th.

To cooperate with the leader of death metal band Hypocrisy, Peter Tägtgren til Lindemann started in 2015, when the band released a collaborative Studio album, “Skills in Pills”. Lindemann was singing in English because the musicians wanted to avoid comparisons with Rammstein, with the aim to create something new. Critics and fans welcomed this experiment.

Линдеманн бросил Rammstein и едет на родину Лободы

Lindeman and Tagtgren, photo: Instagram/till_lindemann_official

Last year he recorded the album “F&M”, which critics have called the most balanced work of Lindemann as singer. There is a delicate song about love and songs on important social issues inherent in the singer provocations. The album had topped the German charts

Recall the “love Story” Loboda and Lindemann: from the first meeting before pregnancy, joint clips and photos

As reported by the portal “Know.ia”, Svetlana Loboda mentioned Declaration of love, it’s not Lindemann

Also Know As.Eeyore” wrote that in bold Loboda bikini has turned into a long-legged lioness and homesick for Lindemann

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