“Lines of flight”: Mariana Mazza has a blast at the cinema


Mariana Mazza takes a liking to cinema. A year after having held the central role of a film for the first time in Maria, the comedian has tackled his most great challenge as an actress to date defending one of the main characters of the comedy-drama Lines of flight.

Released on Wednesday past, Lines of flight,a film adaptation of the play of the same title by author and actress Catherine Chabot, features three high school friends from Beauce who meet for a drunken evening in Montreal. 

< p>Mariana Mazza embodies the most discreet girl of the trio, a financial expert who earns a very good living and who spins the perfect happiness with her new lover, an English-speaking visual artist.  

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En interview, Mariana Mazza said she was “very privileged” to have been offered this role by Catherine Chabot, who co-directed the film with Miryam Bouchard (Mon cirque à moi).

Victoria Diamond and Mariana Mazza.

“Catherine [Chabot] told me that she was going to adapt her play into a film and that she would like me to play one of the three girls, relates the comedian. I had already met her by chance, during an evening with mutual friends during which we had talked for a long time, she and I. I think she understood that I had in me the same sensitivity as the character. 

“I think she was right because it's true that he's a character who is quite close to me. His desire to succeed in society, to not be ashamed of making money, to assume his sexuality, to come from an immigrant family, that sounds a lot like me. »

Mariana Mazza was also able to understand the friendship problems experienced by the three protagonists of the film during this evening of deep questioning. Like them, the comedian recently went through a difficult time in friendship. 

“Two months after the filming of the film, I too had to give up a trio of friends,” she confides. We had been friends for 20 years on the pretext that we had been friends for a long time. The filming of the film overwhelmed me and in a way gave me the courage to make the move. I find that this is one of the things that is best written in the film: how friendship can be comforting, but toxic and boring at the same time. »

Mariana Mazza, Maxime de Cotret and Catherine Chabot.

Impostor Syndrome

Despite her recent experiences in the movie Maria and her appearances in the hit comedies From father to cop 2 and Bon cop, bad cop 2, Mariana Mazza does not hide having been “super complexed” when she landed on the film set of Lignes de loin in the summer of 2021, to work alongside experienced actresses like Catherine Chabot and Léane Labrèche-Dor. 

“For me, the challenge was not my character. The challenge was to play with these actresses who come from the theater, who have done a lot of things, who are used to repeating texts, to getting up early after having slept only five hours a night, ”she explains. . 

“They are machines, these girls. They taught me to repeat the lyrics, to calm down between takes, to temper my energy… I'm not used to that rhythm. I have my little life and my routine. I go to bed late and I get up late. I am a night girl. So of course I grumbled at the idea of ​​having to get up at 5 a.m. to get my makeup done. It was really tough as a challenge. In addition, I was filming in the summer while I was running my show. I had to make sacrifices that confronted me a lot in my freedom as an artist. But I'm proud that I did! »

She says she also found satisfaction in playing a tidy girl character who is not the funniest of the gang.

« I like having the spotlight when I'm on stage. But in movies, I've always loved supporting roles. I've always found that it's the supporting characters that make the main characters shine. When we watched the film with the public, no one laughed at my lines. It did me good. Cinema is teamwork and I felt like I was part of the gang!

Lines of Flight has been in theaters since Wednesday.