Lionel Messi and the players in the Barca drop their wages by 70% to help the other employees

Lionel Messi et les joueurs du Barça baissent leurs salaires de 70% pour aider les autres salariés

Lionel Messi and the players in the Barca drop their wages by 70% to help the other employees of the club

Football clubs are also affected by the pandemic of sars coronavirus. Even the Euro 2020 has been postponed to 2020. And many employees find themselves in part-time unemployment. Lionel Messi and players of Barca have therefore decided to cut their salaries by 70% for other employees of the FC Barcelona affect 100% of their salary.

The players of FC Barcelona drop their salaries by 70%

Like Cristiano Ronaldo or Roger Federer, Lionel Messi has made donations to hospitals and/or families in this period of confinement. Anything to help a maximum of people in the pandemic of the sars coronavirus. And this is not all. Considering that many employees of FC Barcelona find themselves unemployed in part because of the Covid-19 (a problem that also affects other football clubs), the record holder of the Ballon d’or and his teammates are going to lower their wages by 70%. Thus, the other employees of the Barça will be able to continue to be paid at 100% of their salary.

This is Lionel Messi, who confirmed in a press release posted on Instagram that he and the rest of the team Catalan will mobilize to the employees of their club : “first of all, we want to clearly affirm that our commitment has always been to apply a reduction of wages, because we are fully aware that the situation is exceptional and we have always been the first to have helped the club when he was asked. We even made our own initiative when we felt that it was necessary and important”.

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The one that the journal of M6 has confused with his look-alike has thus added : “For our part, the time has come to announce that, in addition to the reduction of 70% of our salary during the state of alarm, we will also be initiating contributions, so that employees of the club to receive 100% of their salary as long as this situation persists”.

Lionel Messi clashe the boss of Barca

The athlete who is part of the top 10 sporting the best paid in the world then down the leaders of the Barça. “If we do not take the floor until today, it is because our priority was to find concrete solutions to help the club, but also those for which this situation is most detrimental” he first said.

“We were surprised that even inside the club, some are trying to shine the spotlight on us and try to put the pressure to us to do something that we have always had the intention to do,” he continued, and “if the agreement has been slow these last days it is simply because we were looking for a formula to help the club, but also its employees in these times as difficult”.

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