Lipstick and bright coat: now looks like 13-year-old daughter of Tom cruise

Girl in stylish outfit for a stroll in new York

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Помада и яркое пальто: как сейчас выглядит 13-летняя дочь Тома Круза

Tom Cruise

Famous Hollywood actor Tom cruise and his ex-wife Katie Holmes divorced a few years ago. Since their common daughter Suri, who from childhood was named “trendsetter of style”, left to live with my mom. From an early age Suri liked to choose their own outfits and match different clothes. The girl is a little older and that seems to have a love for fashion she has not passed.

A few days ago Suri celebrated its 13th anniversary. Thanks fresh photo girls, made during her walks around new York, you can be sure that it grew significantly and became even more like his famous father. It is worth noting that some netizens are saying the opposite: Suri – a copy of the mother.

Suri Crazfoto: InstagramСури, Crazfoto: InstagramСури, Crazfoto: InstagramСури, Crazfoto: InstagramСури, Crazfoto: Instagram1/5

For walking 13-year-old Suri chose a bright coral coat, white breeches with floral print sneakers tonal coat and Golden purse. A few strands of hair the girl was stabbed ago. Also worth noting is that Suri chose the lipstick in the tone of your outfit.

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