“Liquid” : Shay invites Niska on his second album “the Antidote”

"Liquide" : Shay invite Niska sur son deuxième album "Antidote"

“Liquid” : Shay invites Niska on his second album “the Antidote”

Three years after “Pretty Bitch”, Shay today unveils his sophomore album “Antidote” on which she collaborated with Damso on the writing of “Cry” and recorded a feat with Niska. Yes, the rapper belgian and the interpreter of the “Networks” team up on the song “Liquid” : listen-the on PRBK.

Just as Chilla and Aya Nakamura, Shay is one of the female artists of the moment ! The career of the rapper to take off in 2016 thanks to his first album, “Pretty Bitch”, which included the songs “PMW”, “Thibault Courtois” and “Cabeza”. Three years later, the belgian artist is back with the single “Pretty”, in which it settles accounts with his former mentor, Booba, followed by “Cocorico” and “Notif” : three sounds to be found in his second album, “Antidote”, released this Friday 10 may 2019 !

Shay and Niska associate on “Liquid”

A second album on which Shay has recorded a feat with Niska. Entitled “Liquid”, the song combines perfectly the universe of the two artists who come together to talk about love and jealousy : “I can’t prosecute a man Does not speak to me of love, I’m not like the others I don’t want the minimum Not fifty-fifty, not fifty-fifty, “sings the interpreter of “Pretty” on an instrumental urban heady.

For his part, the author of “Boom Boom Bye” balance : “How can they dare, this is the excess / Two, three, Louis Vuitton, she took me for a maid / She is crazy, she wants to take my phone / She wants to take my profit, girl wants to empty my pockets.” A duet succeeded !

“Damso is a friend”

In addition to Niska, Shay has also worked with Damso on his album “the Antidote” : the enemy of Booba wrote the sound “Cry”. But how the singer has come to work with the rapper ? “Damso is a friend, we talked of many things and the fact that I had the impression of having always to play a role, and be the person you expected me to be. I could not be myself because the people couldn’t accept me as I really am. He asked me why I don’t speak in a song… One day he sent me a text, it touched me and I have recorded the title“, she explains in an interview with 20 Minutes.


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