Lisa LaFlamme: Her gray hair raised questions from a CTV executive

Lisa LaFlamme: Her gray hair raised questions from a CTV executive


Shortly after becoming head of CTV News, Michael Melling reportedly raised questions about host Lisa LaFlamme's hair, according to reports from the Globe and Mail.

According to a senior CTV official who witnessed the scene, Michael Melling asked in a meeting who approved the decision to “let Lisa's hair turn gray”. This witness also told the Globe and Mailthat the issue of Lisa LaFlamme's hair color came up on set one day when Michael Melling noted that she was taking on a purple hue in the studio lighting.

Michael Melling is also the one who told Lisa LaFlamme of her ousting as anchor of CTV National News, an eviction that the anchor did not expect since she had almost two years left on her contract. She had worked for the network for 35 years and had held the position since 2011.

Rain of praise

The Globe and Mailrecalled that in 2020, the presenter made headlines and received praise from women across the country when she decided to stop dyeing her hair.

Lisa LaFlamme explained in a special on CTV that due to the pandemic, she had not been able to visit her colorist and so had to spray her roots every day before going on air. It was from there that she decided to keep her gray hair.

Her sudden ousting sparked strong reactions of anger and confusion within CTV itself. Tensions between the presenter and Michael Melling have notably been reported to the Globe and Mail by current members of the company's staff.

According to these testimonies, the tensions relate to their view of the network's priorities and the use of its resources, particularly regarding coverage of Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee and the war in Ukraine.