Lise Richard left to join her Henri

Lise Richard left to join her Henri


Lise Richard has left to join her lifelong accomplice. The widow of the former Canadiens center player died of colon cancer on Thursday. She was 86 years old.

Her death comes just over three years after that of her husband, who suffered from complications related to Alzheimer's disease at the age of 84.

With her, it is the last bastion of the quartet formed by Maurice and Henri with their spouses Lucille and Lise who disappears. 

But their memories remain present in the minds of the members of their families and the thousands of people who knew them .

A lifetime together 

Lise and Henri have spent almost their entire life together. They had known each other at the age of six through their sisters in the Bordeaux district, in the north of Montreal.

The lady had told me the story at the unveiling of two murals in honor of her spouse in the entrance hall of Place Bell, in Laval.

“We were always together, she had said.

“He came to see me at home. I found him handsome. He didn't talk much, but I did! 

“At 13 and 14, I played hockey with him and his gang of friends when a player was missing.

< p>“We were young, so it happened that our paths separated on occasion. We left each other, we resumed. But I never thought we'd get married one day.”

Henri's three goals

But Henri didn't see it Thus. Marrying his beautiful Lise was one of his three goals in life.

The other two were to play for the Canadiens with his brother Maurice and to own a tavern. Not only did he succeed, but in each case, the adventure lasted a long time.

Five children were born from the union between Lise and Henri, Michèle (Jean Parenteau), Gilles (Noëlla Poirier ), Denis (Lise Therriault), Marie-France (Yves-Albert Desjardins) and Nathalie (Daniel Goulet). Their descendants gave them 10 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Our deepest condolences to the entire family.

Lise Richard has gone to join her Henri