Literature: the life confined view by Leah Olivier

Littérature: la vie confinée vue par Léa Olivier

Since it was impossible for him to ignore the pandemic that hits us all, the star of the children’s literature-Catherine Girard-Audet, and rewrote a part of volume 13 of the best-selling series The complicated life of Lea Olivier to adapt to the current situation. Leah will not have a prom and will have to learn to live with a new reality in the first part of this new novel, whose title says it all : Confined.

Like thousands of his readers have experienced this year, Léa Olivier has been facing the spread of a virus that forces him to live otherwise the end of high school. As we know, it is in confinement that it happened.

This decision was taken in march, while Catherine began writing the 13th book of the series. Containment and pandemic oblige, Catherine and her publisher, and brother of Marc-André Audet agreed that the universe of Leah, who lives to the rhythm of the real, was also to be struck by the containment.

Leah will be grappling with the containment linked to a virus that is not a certified copy of the COVID-19, but who plays when even his daily life and his projects.

“This volume of confinement, I wrote it while I was confined. I wanted it to sort as quickly as possible so that my readers feel the most challenged possible by it. We divided the volume 13 into two parts,” explains the author. The first will be released in August, and the second in November.

She remained fuzzy on the details of the virus, which is not a certified copy of the COVID-19. “We understand that it is an epidemic and that there is a containment general in France and the United States. What I discussed, it is the confinement : the fact of feeling bullied in our freedoms that we had perhaps taken for granted.”

The positive sides

It covers the beautiful part of all of this, however. “Everything tasted better during the confinement ! The small details of everyday life, like when it zooms in with the family, it was great. Leah was returned to his prom, so I couldn’t just reverse and say, OK, false alarm, Leah is going to her prom in July… This was not credible.”

“So, Leah has made her prom by Zoom and the school has organized an activity virtually for the containment. It gives super good time with his friends and his family.”


The ball remained the symbol of the achievement of the secondary school and in the series, it was the end of a big step. Catherine is adjusted, even if she had planned something else. “Of course, the story of Leah is going to continue, but I found it interesting to approach the ball in the reality that so many young people have experienced this year. She finds it difficult. His feelings are real : she is experiencing a form of grief in all of this. She was disappointed and she has the right to be.”

♦ Catherine Girard-Audet has also contributed to the collection of Stories of moms, which will be released on August 5, Editions Schooner.


The complicated life of Lea Olivier tome 13.1 : Confined
Catherine Girard-Audet
Editions Of The Malignant
264 pages”>

The complicated life of Lea Olivier tome 13.1 : Confined
Catherine Girard-Audet
Editions Of The Malignant
264 pages

“Zack (by talking to me, mouth full) : And can we really rely on people your age to comply with the restrictive measures ? Me : Ben there ! You have barely two years older than me, Zack. Do not come to make me believe that your gang is much more mature than mine ! Zack (by placing a finger on my nose) : on The contrary, young Olivier. “The reason comes with age”, and “with age comes wisdom”. Inspire. Expires. “

– Catherine Girard-Audet, The complicated life of Lea Olivier, volume 13.1, Editions of The Malignant

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