Litigation with public servants: the UMQ helps the City

The Union des municipalités du Québec (UMQ), through its Municipal Fund for Legal Action, provides financial assistance to the City of Sherbrooke to support the dispute with the union of its employees.

This financial support of up to $ 5,000 was awarded following a “rigorous analysis”. It will make it possible to be heard in court for causes likely to have an impact on the entire municipal environment.

The UMQ has accepted a request for financial assistance from the City of Sherbrooke in the case opposing the Union of Municipal Officials (FISA).

The dispute, which is currently before the Superior Court, concerns the judicial review of a decision rendered by the arbitrator in a case of dismissal, announces a press release.

The UMQ will thus provide the City of Sherbrooke with financial support of up to $ 5,000.

The executive committee of the UMQ has approved the granting of a total financial assistance of up to $ 10,000 to Sherbrooke and Otterburn Park – under the Municipal Union Legal Action Fund (FMAJ).

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