Little Monsters : a comedy of zombies horribly funny with Lupita’nyong o

Little Monsters : a comedy of Zombies horribly funny

It is the 31 October that the film Little Monsters will be available on all VOD platforms. And believe us, you’ll not find anything better to celebrate Halloween than this comedy horror with Lupita’nyong o.

16h : session of disguises, 18h : small tour of the neighborhood to retrieve candy, 20h : tasting the booty on the sofa in front of a comedy horror. This program is for Halloween you tent ? It’s good, it’s the 31st of October that the film Little Monsters will land on all VOD platforms. And it promises to be unmissable.

Lupita’nyong o hunting the Zombies

Directed by Abe Forsythe, worn by Lupita’nyong o (Us, Black Panther), Alexander England (Alien Covenant) and Josh Gad (The beauty and the Beast), the film will follow a field trip to the farm that will completely degenerate in the wake of a zombie outbreak related to a virus that has escaped from a military camp. In order to save his students and especially not to frighten them, the teacher Miss Caroline is going to then imagine a very special game that will force her to lie and run.

A synopsis crazy for a result that promises to be horribly funny ? Absolutely. You can discover them in the trailer in our slideshow, the atmosphere at the screen will have a little bit of a Shaun of the Dead” with this balance between trying to maintain a reality that is normal and violence related to zombies. Gore, funny, fabulous, creative… Little Monsters will have all of the little sour candy that we love to enjoy.


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