Little opposition to the vaccine

Little opposition to the vaccine

Obviously impatient for their loved ones to be immune to COVID-19, at least 77% of families of CHSLD Saint-Antoine (Quebec) and Maimonides (Montreal) users have accepted that they be vaccinated as soon as the doses arrive.

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“When I knew my dad was going to get the vaccine, I jumped for joy! I told myself he was really lucky. My sister accepted right away! », Says Guy Boudreau, who came to greet his 97-year-old father at the window of CHLSD Saint-Antoine.

” That’s very good news ! I believe it will help people morally and help us get through all of this, ”said Johanne De Beaumont, who also consented to her 94-year-old father being vaccinated.

M. Boudreau and Mme De Beaumont are far from being exceptions. According to the CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale, at least 85% of CHSLD residents will receive a first dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on Monday or Tuesday.


“Out of 229 families of users, 40 have yet to call us back. But of all the others, only two refused, ”explains Annie Ouellet, spokesperson for the organization.

The same observation is observed at the CHSLD Maimonides in Montreal, when 223 of the 327 residents agreed to receive the vaccine. Note that 96 of them have not yet given their answer.

“Only 8 people [ont refusé le vaccin], it’s not a lot. There is a lot of enthusiasm. The residents can’t wait, ”says Francine Dupuis, Deputy CEO of the CIUSSS du Center-Ouest-de-l’île-de-Montréal.


In Quebec, this enthusiasm is felt even at the level of health workers, assures Patricia McKinnon, coordinator of civil security at the CIUSSS. Of the 3,000 workers who could receive the vaccine, nearly 1,500 have already given their consent.

The 525 places of the first three days of the vaccination operation are almost all already taken, specifies Mme McKinnon.

However, several workers at the CHSLD Saint-Antoine affirmed that there was a lot of hesitation among their colleagues.

“Basically it’s 50-50. Many are afraid because the vaccine was given quickly, ”explains Frédéric Prévost, who works in maintenance within the establishment, echoing the words of several members of staff met by The newspaper.

Number of cases declared Sunday

  • Capitale-Nationale 235 *
  • Chaudière-Appalaches 124 **
  • Quebec 1994 *

* Highest number in 8 days

** Highest number in 11 days


  • New deaths 33
  • 24-hour death 12
  • Regular hospitalizations 757
  • Intensive care hospitalizations 123


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