Little tips to help seniors stay in shape

Little tips to help seniors stay in shape

Le docteur Joseph Laffilhe a animé cette conférence.

It was a conference, organized by ASSCAS, the Castanet seniors sports association, which attracted sixty people to the Michel-Pierre neighborhood center. In the audience, Jean Alibert, former president of this well-known association in Nîmes. The current president Denis Peraldo welcomed alongside Doctor Joseph Laffilhe, who was a general practitioner for thirty-seven years in the Castanet district. For seven years, with two other colleagues, he has been a federal doctor for the Occitanie region for the French Sports Retirement Federation. The theme of this conference ? "The actions to be given as first aid to people in difficulty and advice on prevention in sport".

Many recommendations have been given on the actions and attitudes to have when dealing with a person in a situation of physical distress (accidents, discomfort, etc.) During hikes are also to fear insect bites, contact with processionary caterpillars or ticks. At sea, watch out for stings and jellyfish. A reminder of the numbers to call in an emergency: 112, 15, 18. Doctor’s advice: "Never hang up first when connected to one of these numbers." The poison control center number is 04 91 75 25 25.

The doctor also insisted on the need for good nutrition and hydration during sport: "You must drink water regularly, even if one is not thirsty." Another tip: "Don't talk too much during long walks." Which amused a group of rather talkative walkers!

Jany Dalard, organizer of the conference, recalled that the installation of a defibrillator had been requested for the neighborhood house. ASSCAF facilitators have training "booster shot" every four years to maintain their effectiveness in the event of a problem during their activities. At the end of the conference, everyone gathered around a snack offered by the association, a good way to follow the advice while staying hydrated!

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