LIV Golf helped

LIV Golf helped


PONTE VEDRA BEACH | It took him 10 months to spit the piece. Very critical in the battle between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, Rory McIlroy believes that the changes announced to his tour are beneficial.

“ The emergence of LIV or a competitor has contributed to the professional golf industry. She's created a ton of innovation on the PGA Tour, claimed the Northern Irishman, who has long battled the league funded entirely by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund.

< p>“ What was an antiquated system has been revamped to reflect where we are in the 21st century, he added without wishing to divert the truth. 

“ The Tour represents the biggest league in the biggest golf market in the world for 60 years, so there wasn't much incentive to innovate. ” 

In his opinion, the of the PGA not only competes with LIV Golf, but also all the other sports and also social media which captures an enormous amount of attention. 

No dilution

Through these changes in its operations, the PGA Tour is reacting to the market, which was shaken among other things by the arrival of LIV Golf last year. 

The Monahan circuit will henceforth focus on its prestigious events, which make up just over 30% of its annual calendar, which includes some fifty events. 

Some analysts claim the new formula will water down the product, while others see the golden Players trophy losing its luster. Among golfers, his conquest will always be as representative.

“There is a difference between world ranking performance, FedEx Cup points, money and the tradition of a tournament , reported Jon Rahm. 

“Winning the Players is a big step towards entering the Golf Hall of Fame. You are the champion and the closest to being a major champion without officially entering that winner's circle. » 

Like McIlroy, Rahm believes that LIV's arrival professional golf landscape has shaken the apple tree. The threat of the Saudi circuit made it possible to evolve. 

“I would have preferred the PGA Tour not be placed under bombardment to induce it to change and improve the lot of its players, but I believe that was what we needed. These changes happen because of LIV Golf, otherwise we probably wouldn't see them. »

A copy of the LIV Golf?

Justin Thomas, however, was not as kind to the league managed by Greg Norman. alleging that the events of “prestige” are just a copy of the product of LIV Golf, the 9th golfer in the world smiled before answering.

“We have an astronomical amount of quality players that they cannot have in their events, he argued with a touch of humor. We worked on our product faster than expected due to the context.”

Sawgrass Express

Without the champion in title

The image had struck this summer when Cameron Smith was stripped of his parking space, reserved for the reigning Players champion at TPC Sawgrass. By joining LIV Golf, he had lost all his privileges on the PGA Tour. This week, the Australian at the Longueuil Cup is obviously not present to defend his title. “It's weird that he's not here, but he's made up his mind. We are counting on an incredible set. One of the 144 registered golfers will be able to inscribe their name in history and tradition,” pleaded commissioner Jay Monahan. Speaking of history, it should be noted that the total purse for this 49th edition is set at $25 million, the largest in the history of the PGA Tour. The champion will pocket the tidy sum of $4.5 million. 

Jordan Spieth is still learning

The architectural works of Pete Dye continue to annoy American Jordan Spieth. In his nine appearances on the TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course, the Texan fell under the ax five times. We must go back to his first presence, in 2014, to circle his best performance. He had then taken the 4th step. Called to explain his setbacks, Spieth did not want the scribes to stick them in his face. “You don't have to do the research for me, I know them very well,” he said with humor. I'm not patient enough on this course. You have to find the balance between confidence and rushing aggressively to hit the right targets. I also have difficulty because I prefer to feel my shots, which is not common on this course. »

« With no helmet » !

Florida is one of 29 American states where wearing a motorcycle helmet is not mandatory. En route to Jacksonville on I-95 on Monday evening, a “biker”, probably in his 60s, passed me at more than 145 km/h, graying hair in the wind, zigzagging between the lines. By law in this state, wearing a helmet is mandatory for those 21 and under, but for those older than that, it is not if they show insurance coverage.