Live 2023 on board!

Live 2023 on the board!


If scratches and mold appear on your cutting boards, which are used so much in the kitchen, it's time to renew them to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. Take advantage of the start of the year to start fresh! 


The Stolthet cutting board (35 x 22  cm) in bamboo is rather ingenious. Raised about 8 cm, it is possible to slide a container under it that will hold cut food or fruit and vegetable clippings to immediately release the board. > $16.99 

A Modern Touch

With its non-slip feet at the four corners to keep it in place, its wide groove all around to catch food juices and its hole to better hang and store it, this Epicurean board (11.5 X 9 inches) made of wood fibers dark colors brings together only qualities. > $39.99 

Snugly in place

To prevent a piece of meat or a loaf of bread from moving when slicing it, this bamboo board (40 x 30 cm) has a non-slip surface in the center to hold food. Its cutting surface is slightly inclined, its rounded edge collects meat juices and bread crumbs, while its ergonomic corners make it easy to pour its contents. > $69.95 

A board from here

The cabinetmaker Rabot D. Bois, established in the Bas-du-Fleuve region, offers the ” D-Zartailles ” cutting board, measuring 12 x 15 inches and made with a variety of Canadian woods. Both practical and decorative, it was designed to cut juicy foods without the liquid spreading all over the counter. Made of scrap wood, each plank is unique and it is possible to personalize them by adding an engraved name. > $86.93 

In their case

Stored in a case that takes up little space on the counter, these four boards signed Joseph Joseph are always close at hand. Their varied colors make it possible to associate each of them with very specific foods: fruits and vegetables, poultry, fish, meat. The double-sided boards (20 x 30 cm) have a textured surface suitable for knives, a handle and non-slip feet. > $104.99