Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic of the COVID-19 disrupts our lives.

You will find here all the news throughout the day related to this crisis, which is hitting the population, governments and the economy.



Case : 8 814 243
Death : 464 883


Event : 101 019, of which 54 674 in Quebec

Death : 8410, whose 5408 Quebec

7.59am | Iran, 116 new deaths from the coronavirus

Iran, which reported its first cases of the COVID-19 in February, has registered its lowest balance daily in early may before being confronted in recent weeks with a further increase, raising fears of a second wave epidemic.

7: 10am | Fear of a déconfinement too fast in Switzerland

The déconfinement in Switzerland is too fast, said the chairman of the Task force on federal science dedicated to the disease COVID-19, in interviews broadcast Sunday by three swiss media.

6: 59am | Spain reopens the roads and the border with France

The border was re-opened on Sunday between France and Spain, where the travelers took the road or hopped on a train to find their own after three months of strict containment in order to curb the pandemic.

5h55 | Marc Dupré broke out in front of a sea of windshields

This is how, attend a concert in his car? It is incredible, different, and rather comfortable. If the experiment disrupts the usual codes of the show, Marc Dupré has proven to us with force on Saturday evening at which point the concert “lives” we had missed and that they are irreplaceable.

5h55 | Europe to continue his déconfinement, more than 2 million cases in Latin America

5h11 | From failure to success in studying at a distance

With the forced passage to distance education since mid-march, several high school students have turned the back to the school, due to lack of motivation or because of a job that takes too much time.

5h02 | The first children adopted from the pandemic

Three mothers in quebec have succeeded “by a miracle” to repatriate their children from Burundi, while all of the international adoption process are suspended due to the pandemic.

3h02 | 22 new cases in Beijing, millions of people tested

Beijing reported Sunday that 22 new cases of the COVID-19, while the authorities are in the process of testing more than two million people, to contain a new outbreak of contamination in the capital.

0h46 | With the reopening of the theaters, Hollywood is gambling its future

Hollywood would return to the big screen: the thriller “Berserk”, with Russell Crowe, is scheduled for release on July 10, the first film in the dining room in the United States since the theaters have dropped the curtain because of the coronavirus, there are more than three months.

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