[LIVE 31 MAY] All the developments of the pandemic

[EN DIRECT 31 MAI] Tous les développements de la pandémie

Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic of the COVID-19 disrupts our lives.

You will find here all the news throughout the day, this crisis that hit the population, governments and the economy.

BALANCE sheet AT 7: 35 am


Case: 6 082 549

Death: 369 544


Case: 90 190 50 651 in Quebec

Death: 7072, of which 4439 in Quebec

All the news of Saturday, 31 may

7: 04 pm | A German engineer back in China tested positive for the coronavirus

The man was aboard a plane carrying a majority of Germans, about 200 employees and their families, the party of Frankfurt and having landed Saturday at the airport of Tianjin, a hundred kilometers south-east of Beijing. This flight marked the first return of Europeans in the country since the suspension of visas at the end of march because of the epidemic.

5: 00 pm | staff lent out to private residences for seniors and NURSING homes, private removed the 15 June

In a letter sent Friday to the leaders of the CISSS and CIUSSS, including our Bureau of investigation has obtained a copy, the deputy minister of Health, Yvan Gendron, writing that their partners in private, which are still of human resources from the public should expect “a recovery plan […] for resumption of the management of the environment”.

4: 08 | Brazil: Bolsonaro is that the soccer resume, despite the pandemic

“As footballers are young and sports, the risk of death if they catch the virus is infinitely reduced “, has recently launched the head of State during an interview with Radio Guaiba, local dish in the south of the country.

In march, the president of the far-right had already stated that he does not feel that a “little cold” if he was infected, thanks to its ” past sports “.

3: 05 p.m. | Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries: millions $ saved despite the closure of the casinos

With the layoff of some 1,300 employees, the public company has reduced its salary expenses of 1.3 million per pay period, said Manny Atwal, president and chief executive officer of MLL, before the standing committee on Crown corporations, reported Friday, “Winnipeg Free Press”.

1: 00 pm | Attendant in a CHSLD, a difficult job

“Thus, the prime minister François Legault wants to find 10,000 volunteers to become orderlies ? Me who’s working temporarily as a clerk in a ltc facility during the pandemic, I can tell you one thing : it is anything but easy. “

0: 50 | Ecuador: the Galapagos, a world heritage site, has reopened to tourism on the 1st of July

“We can already start thinking about the future, with the reactivation, the Galapagos become very soon the first tourist destination safe in terms of health,” said the vice-president of ecuador in a video on his Twitter account.

0: 00 | $ 150 Million tablets and computers in the event of a 2nd wave

Québec is injecting $ 150 million to enable public schools to buy 200 000 tablets, and computers for the new school year so that the school network is ready to cope with any eventuality, learned The Newspaper.

0: 00 | They have defeated the COVID-19: he spent 30 days in a coma

A couple of Laval finally managed to defeat the COVID-19 after the man who was hospitalized for two months had been close to death and spent 30 days in a coma, intubated because of the ravages of the disease.

“At the hospital, some have dubbed the survivor. […] The doctor couldn’t even he be delivered of it, ” says the wife of Michel Lapierre, Colette Labelle.

0: 00 | vacation of the building threatened

The construction holidays are threatened to be relegated to the dustbin for many workers, whose employers are tempted to overcome the delays caused by the pandemic.

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