[LIVE] 80th day of war in Ukraine: here are all the latest developments

[LIVE] 80th Day of War in Ukraine: Here are all the latest developments


Particularly intense fighting rages in the Donbass region, on which Moscow is focusing without significant progress, while “very difficult” negotiations unfold over the fate of the last defenders of the strategic port city of Mariupol .

[LIVE] 80th Day of War in Ukraine: Here are all the latest developments< /p>

[LIVE] 80th Day of War in Ukraine: Here are all the latest updates ;developments

Here are the latest developments, minute by minute  

9:48 | Kyiv renames Soviet monument 'Ukrainian People's Arch of Freedom'

The Arch of Friendship among Peoples, an iconic Soviet monument in downtown Kyiv, has become on Saturday the Ark of Freedom of the Ukrainian People, following a decision of the city council.

9:02 am | At Eurovision, Ukraine hopes for victory… by singing

Victory by singing? Nothing is certain but the Ukrainians, favorites of the competition, should benefit from a large vote of solidarity during the Eurovision final on Saturday evening, in Turin. 

[LIVE] 80th Day of War in Ukraine: Here are all the latest developments

[LIVE] 80th Day of War in Ukraine: Here are all the latest developments< /p>

8:12 | For Putin, the end of Finnish military neutrality would be a “mistake”

The end of Finland's military neutrality would be a “mistake”, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday, in a telephone interview with his Finnish counterpart Sauli Niinistö, according to a Kremlin statement.

“Vladimir Putin stressed that ending the traditional policy of military neutrality would be a mistake, since there is no threat to Finland's security,” the statement read.

7:35 am | NATO: Finnish President calls Putin on membership plan

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö on Saturday called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on the Nordic country's imminent candidacy for NATO NATO, denounced by Moscow, announced Helsinki.

“The conversation was direct and direct and passed without annoyance. Avoiding tensions was considered important,” the Finnish head of state said in a statement from the presidency.

OPINION | Turkey's dangerous game

“But what game is Turkey playing? Recep Tayyip Erdogan said yesterday that he does not see Finland and Sweden joining NATO in a positive light. According to him, bringing these two countries into NATO would amount to repeating a mistake, that of Greece's entry into the organization.”

– The chronicle of Loïc Tassé

6h16 | G7 urges China not to “undermine” sanctions, wants to target vital Russian sectors

G7 foreign ministers promised on Saturday “ to extend the economic sanctions” aimed at Moscow, for its invasion of Ukraine, to “sectors on which Russia is particularly dependent” while urging China “not to undermine” these measures.

6:11 am | The G7 will 'never recognize' the borders Russia is trying to forcefully change

The G7 will never 'recognize' the borders Russia wants to impose by force with its war in Ukraine, the foreign ministers of the group of seven major powers said on Saturday.

5:07 | Ukraine will win the war “before the end of the year”

The war in Ukraine will see a “turning point” in August and Russia will be defeated “ before the end of the year”, predicted the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, assuring that Kiv will succeed in reconquering all of its territory. 

4:31 | Russia has stopped electricity deliveries to Finland

Electricity exports from Russia to Finland stopped overnight from Friday to Saturday, after an announcement to that effect. a Russian supplier, an official of the Finnish electricity network operator told AFP.

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