[LIVE] 81st day of war in Ukraine: here are all the latest developments

[LIVE] 81st Day of War in Ukraine: Here are all the latest developments

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In the aftermath of its Eurovision Song Contest victory hailed by NATO and many European leaders, Ukraine prepares for decisive battles in the Donbass, with Kyiv confident of winning after Russian setbacks on the front lines. 

Here is all the news on this 81st day of war in Ukraine.

7:00 am | [IN PICTURES] Who is telling the truth? Hired in a cellar, hard to get the real news

The small radio broadcasts, with whistles, the latest news of Russian victories in Ukraine.

6:05 am | Finland to apply for NATO membership

Finland has taken the decision to apply for NATO membership, the Nordic country's president and prime minister announced on Sunday, a direct consequence of the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

5:00 am | Loïc Tassé's column: The Russians lose the battle of Kharkiv

After losing the battle of Kyiv, the Russian army loses another important battle, that of Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine.  

2h22 | Eurovision: Ukraine win shows 'huge public support' for country, says NATO

Ukraine's win in Eurovision Song Contest shows 'huge public support' immense public support” enjoyed by the country attacked by Russia, NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana ruled on Sunday.

< strong>0h00 | Putin's enemy not very popular in Russia

A sworn enemy of President Putin to the point where he had him poisoned, Alexeï Navalny is seen in the West as the man who could turn Russia around. But only a tiny fraction of Russians see him as a savior, and the man's past raises more questions than it brings hope. Portrait of a man much more popular outside Russia than in it.

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