Live, a weather presenter collapses to the ground

Live weathercaster collapses to ground


An American television set was the scene of a terrifying event on Saturday, when a meteorologist collapsed in full live.  

< p>The hosts of KCAL News, broadcast on CBS Los Angeles, did not expect to witness such an incident.

The weather segment turned into a nightmare after weather presenter Alissa Carlson passed out.

Stunned by the incident, the hostess immediately came to her aid and temporarily interrupted the morning show.

“We're going to take a little break,” said one of them.

According to images broadcast by several American media, the presenter can be seen in an abnormal state.

Her complexion became pale and livid at the time of her fainting. 

At this time, the broadcasting and media production company CBS has not released the exact causes of the incident.

“All the team would like to thank you for expressing your thoughts and prayers to our meteorologist Alissa Carlson, who passed out on the morning show. Alissa is resting and getting better. She tells us that she is fine,” however, expressed the organization on Facebook.

According to TMZ, the presenter is not at her first fainting. In 2014, she reportedly experienced a similar incident while working for another medium.