[LIVE] COVID-19: a trend “a concern in the 15-34 years”

[EN DIRECT] COVID-19: une tendance «inquiétante chez les 15-34 ans»

The vice-prime minister Geneviève Guilbault and the minister of Health, Christian Dubé, is launching a call to action to young adults that the health situation remains under control in Quebec. They observe a trend “a concern in the 15-34 years”.

Quebec observed outbreaks “among other things, in the bars, but also to parties in private,” and during certain sporting activities and social, ” says the minister Gulbault.

“It would be wrong to believe that young people are immunized against the COVID-19”, recalled the deputy prime minister. “You don’t want to find yourself in intensive care,” she said.

“You become-champions of the distancing and the wearing of covers-face,” suggests the minister Guilbault adolescents and young adults. She asks them to act as “influencers” against the upsurge in the number of cases of COVID-19.

Quebec has increased its targets for case detection daily. It is possible to test day, like evening. All those, including young adults, who have symptoms or any doubt you should get tested, ” insists Ms. Guilbault.

The assistant of the Dr. Horacio Arruda, Dr. Richard Massé, recalled that in private places, the limit of people is always 10, even if the maximum number of spectators will increase to 250 on 3 August.

Meetings in private places, respect of the instructions of public health is more difficult to ensure than in a large room, consider Mr. Massé.

The minister of Health, Christian Dubé, remember that all it takes is a single breach of the rules of public health to infect 10 to 15 people. “The explosion can happen very quickly,” said Dr. Massé.

If a person is a “small error”, for example, by pasting it on another person, she should go and get tested, suggests the minister of Health.

Protesters antimasque

The minister Guilbault admits to being particularly shocked to see protesters antimasque break the rules of public health.

Geneviève Guilbault denounces strongly the “contempt” that some protesters antimasque shown to journalists. The minister of public Safety wants to tighten the “repressive measures” available to the authorities to crack down.

“It’s not easy trying to convince people who have such a speech”, was later added the minister Guilbault, when asked about the protesters antimasque.

The pandemic of COVID-19, “this is not in the 5G, it happens for real,” said the vice-prime minister, recalling that the protesters “are not immunized against the virus.”

“We will not hesitate to give fines on a personal basis if people do not comply with the instruction to the indoor public places,” says minister Christian Dubé, about wearing a mask mandatory.

“This reflection is currently underway,” says Dr. Massé.

“The very great majority of Quebecers adhere to the instructions, and it is thanks to them that the situation is under control”, argues, however, Ms. Guilbault.

The best response to the behavior sum of any “minority” observed the last weekend is to redouble its efforts in regard to the observance of the instructions of public health, she believes.


The deputy first minister is pleased to see so many Quebecers travel through the province in the current context. However, she regretted the slippages experienced in the Gaspé peninsula.

“It breaks the heart to see the images as we have seen : people who leave waste on camping sites, on beaches, ( … ) it does not have good blood,” said the minister Guilbault, who request the persons concerned to make proof of citizenship.

Questioned once more about the disorder observed in the Gaspé, the minister Guilbault stated that his office has been working since four days already in order to coordinate government action in support of the municipalities, like that of Gaspé.

“It has added to police numbers,” assured the minister of public Safety, who believes that it is sometimes enough to discourage the behavior unpleasant by some tourists. Things have improved, consider Ms. Guilbault.

Health network

“The question of the material, this is more of a challenge,” said the minister of Health. It remains, however, to improve the governance for the teams to work better together, said Mr. Dubé.

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