[LIVE] COVID-19: press conference of François Legault

[EN DIRECT] COVID-19: point de presse de François Legault

Of transition to Carleton, the prime minister François Legault will be focusing on the pandemic of COVID-19.

He continued his tour of Quebec in the course of which he meets with various organizations of regional health such as CIUSSS, to make the point on the epidemic that is plaguing the province.

Even if the Bas-Saint-Laurent and the Gaspésie region have been relatively spared by the pandemic of COVID-19, the prime minister wants to ensure that the region is ready for a possible second wave to come.

“We have few cases, few deaths, but it still has double rooms [in NURSING]”, which poses a risk in these times of COVID-19 has advised the prime minister on Thursday.

He wants to see the construction of homes for the elderly will accelerate.

The emergency of the hospital Maria is dilapidated, has also recognized the prime minister.

He also noted that the shortage of full-time staff is a problem as in other regions of Quebec, half of the staff about is part-time.

Furthermore, it ensures that the internet increase in speed will be accessible in all regions of Québec in the next two years. Negotiations are underway with different vendors to pay the difference of costs of the implementation of the service for all Quebecers.

More details to come…


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