Live in a trailer because of the pandemic

Vivre dans une roulotte en raison de la pandémie

Live four people in a trailer, this is the solution that has found a family in the Laurentians, which is part of the many households with nowhere to live because of the delays caused by the pandemic.

“The storage of clothes of the children, I have no idea where to put it” asked Karine Paquette, 26 years old, in the middle of his new trailer, installed on the grounds of a member of his family in Boisbriand, on the North Shore of Montreal.

A mini chemical toilet is stored under the bench. And despite the installation of a small convection oven for cooking, the meals will be rudimentary.

“The fridge is small like my behind,” exclaims the clerk to the recipients, who must handle a “puzzle” of real estate in addition to being at the front in a CHSLD.

It is as well that she will have to live with his spouse of 41 years, Jean-François, Baker, and their children of 2 and 7 years for an indefinite period. She has no idea of when the house she was supposed to live to the end of June will be available. And she still needs to release his apartment tomorrow before the new tenants take up residence.

Like her, many households are caught out by domino effects of the pandemic. It is the case of those whose house or condo is not ready on time due to delays on construction sites.

Delays at the Régie du logement

For the family Paquette-Baker are, instead, the delays at the Régie du logement that are in question. Their house is still occupied by tenants who have stopped paying their rent since January for personal reasons, but who refuse to leave the premises.

The owner, who wished to remain anonymous, says he has asked that they be evicted in march, but she still has no hearing date.

The Régie has suspended its general audiences for more than two months from march. A moratorium has also been imposed on the evictions of tenants until July.

As the lease of the tenants recalcitrant ends on the 1st of October, Ms. Paquette and her family may have to live in a caravan for weeks, or even months.

“We looked at all the plans, B,” she said.

Impossible to find an affordable apartment rented by the month, ” says Mr. Baker.

They have not had the choice to store some of their furniture.

“We had to rent two blocks of 10 feet because there was more space to 20-by-15 feet available,” said Mr. Baker.

Difficult to store

There is indeed a shortage of storage space because of the health crisis, as confirmed by numerous companies.

Usually, people store their belongings for a few weeks. These days, they keep them for two and even three months, note Pierre-Olivier Cyr, Clan Panneton.

“There’s a lot more uncertainty. People will call me to change three or four times to date [start] “, abounds Karolane Brault, vice-president, Brault Move.

The housing authority has not responded to questions from the Journal about the current delays before obtaining a hearing.

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