Live in déconfinement: Daniel Grenier and buying local

Vivre en déconfinement: Daniel Grenier et l’achat local

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Daniel Grenier has developed an expertise with the consumption of local products. Through its page Facebook The blue box, the comedian has presented over 70 videos where buying local is highlighted.

“I make videos every day, to help quebec businesses with this project. My house is filled with boxes from the four corners of Québec, ” said Daniel, who has recently highlighted the 30 years of the creation of his former band The Chick’n Swell.

As soon as the first few weeks of the project, in the spring, the comedian is set to receive dozens and dozens of boxes companies from all over the province. “I have boxes to open up in the month of August !” lance-t-il.

Not to discriminate, Daniel Grenier tests of products of all walks of life with its blue Box. In the last days, we have seen open boxes for a record store, a resto-bar, a jewelry shop, and a company power.

Between the two openings of the boxes, the comedian plans to do several rides a motorcycle this summer. “I plan to spend a lot of time in the countryside,” he said. This is the first summer since 25 years where I will not show “.

Having had the chance to visit the province with his show I love, Daniel Grenier does not have to travel very far from his ” corner country “, Victoriaville and Warwick. “Come and have a look, it’s so beautiful,” he says.

During the confinement, the comedian has tested the virtual performance of, via the application Zoom. “It was really fun to hear laughter of the people,” he said. I miss the presence of the public. During the pandemic, I learned that I was not essential and I suspected. But it is still a little sore to be told by the government “.

Side blows of a cultural heart, he has loved the series québécoise Me do you hear ?. “It is written and performed with great delicacy and a sensitivity in which it goes from laugh to tears “.

Humor-edged sword

He also really liked the second season of the british series After Life, on Netflix. “I had a lot of laughs. I love the humor in edge of Ricky Gervais. It is also able to be touching “.

Always on Netflix, Daniel Grenier has looked at the films from quebec Until the declineof Patrice Laliberté, and The Hungry, which was directed by his friend Robin Aubert. “I loved it !” he said.

Musically, thanks to the blue Box, he discovered the quebec groups Wavery and Death Rose. “It is very good ! I also look forward to the next album of Rufus Wainwright, Unfollow the Rules, which will be released on July 10. I too love Rufus ! “

The suggestions of Daniel Grenier

Tv series

  • Me do you hear ?
  • After Life


  • Until the decline
  • The hungry
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