Live in déconfinement: the barrage of Isabelle Maréchal

Vivre en déconfinement: le feu roulant d’Isabelle Maréchal

Because she had studied health sciences in cegep, and it was long thought that his was a vocation to be a doctor, Isabelle Maréchal had thought to lend a hand after François Legault had launched a call for volunteers in the spring.

“I said to myself that I would probably be more useful. But I have relatives immunosupprimés and I didn’t want to put them at risk, ” she said. […] It was finally understood that the orderlies are essential to the well-being of our seniors. It’s extremely dramatic what happened in the residences. There will be great lessons to be learned, never that this happens. “

Work during the pandemic

At the beginning of the crisis, Isabelle has installed a microphone in the house where everyone was going to be forced to stay at home. “But I have not had need to use it, fortunately,” she said. It would have been a challenge to animate my show at a distance. It is so much of a firestorm with my guests, the listeners, the lines that do dérougissent for two hours. “

With the déconfinement gradual, it feels good to see the world, ” even if the offices are still rather deserts “, she remarks. “With my two researchers, one working at two meters of distance. We spent together through all kinds of emotions. “

Being also the producer of television, with the box Iprod media, Isabelle Maréchal is of course asked about what would happen with the productions. “Fortunately, I finished shooting my series Tribal [aired on TV5] in January, just prior to the pandemic,” she said. I dare not even imagine what he would have had to do to get our film crew to the other side of the world in the nomadic peoples. He will be able to travel again as before ? “

Fabulous Letting go

Talking about small screen, the facilitator has done the catch-up series for the past few weeks. “I really loved about It is the way I love you. What is the scenario of François Létourneau ! And what the game of the actresses and actors. I’m waiting for season 2 eagerly. “

She has also completed, with regret, Let go, Isabelle Langlois. “This is a fabulous series. I was really attached to the characters played by Sylvie Léonard and Sophie Cadieux “. She also looks forward to following the series The rift.

Side abroad, she devoured the series, Killing Eve, Sons of Anarchy, Better Call Saul and Unorthodox. “I’m looking for a new ! “

With his daughter Laura, ” a fan film “, Isabelle took it out of the classics of the seventh art, which values safe of Alfred Hitchcock and Louis de Funès. “And the fabulous Faust, filmmaker Friedrich W. Murnau, which dates from 1926. “

Musically, she fell asleep every evening with music by Alexandra Stréliski, the room, The luminous Ingrid St-Pierre, and Famous Blue Raincoat, by Leonard Cohen.

Suggestions for Isabelle Maréchal

Series quebec

  • It is like that that I love you
  • Letting go

Foreign tv series

  • Killing Eve
  • Sons of Anarchy
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