[LIVE, JULY 16,] All the developments of the pandemic

[EN DIRECT 16 JUILLET] Tous les développements de la pandémie

Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic of the COVID-19 disrupts our lives.

You will find here all the news throughout the day, this crisis that hit the population, governments and the economy.



Case : 13 565 868
Death : 584 385


Case : 108 827, 56 859 in Quebec

Death : 8810, 5636, Quebec

All the news of the July 16, 2020

6: 28 | France: masks mandatory in public places, ended as soon as “next week”.

France is going to make it mandatory “as early as next week” wearing a mask in all the establishments closed open to the public, “in particular the shops,” announced the prime minister, Jean Castex Thursday in the Senate.

“We are looking at an entry into force of these provisions on August 1,” said the prime minister. “I understood that this maturity appeared to be delayed (…) the decree will come into force next week “, has he said during his general policy statement before the senators.

“The port of the mask is with the respect of the gestures barrier a measure of prevention and effective protection “, he stressed.

The announcement on July 14 by Emmanuel Macron of the obligation of wearing a mask in ‘public places closed” from the 1st of August had rejoiced those who advocated this measure, but they demanded its implementation without delay, and including on the workplace.

Mr. Castex stated that ” in the local so-called professionals, this requires an evolution of the sanitary protocols governing the activities concerned “.

4h11 | JO-2020: the boss of the IOC refuses to allow the possibility of Games behind closed doors.

4h08 | Virus: new reconfinements in India, close to a million reported cases.

To READ | false cards, medical exemption from wearing a mask are currently sold on the internet and could expose the manufacturers and the purchasers to criminal prosecution.

1: 00 am | Coronavirus: in central America, aid which was not devoid of ulterior political motives.

0h55 | In Brazil, the coronavirus forces them to skip meals.

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