[LIVE, JULY 17] All the developments of the pandemic coronavirus

[EN DIRECT 17 JUILLET] Tous les développements de la pandémie de coronavirus

Whether in Québec or elsewhere on the planet, the pandemic of the COVID-19 disrupts our lives.

You will find here all the news throughout the day, this crisis that hit the population, governments and the economy.



Case : 13 830 933
Deaths : 590 601


Case : 109 264, 57 001 in Quebec
Death : 8827, 5646, Quebec

All the news from Friday 17 July 2020

7h08 | A study raises a possible overestimation of the number of deaths in England

6h33 | The Barcelonans called to “stay home” due to an increase in cases of COVID-19

4h48 | Summit “very hard” in Brussels to revive the economy, undermined by the virus

2h | Montrealers are welcome… with their masks

Mayors of remote areas in need of construction workers who start their vacation today to give a little air to their economy, but will redouble their ardour on sanitary measures to not develop new outbreaks.

1h | No tourists in Montreal

The weeks of construction promise to be catastrophic to the hotel montreal, which recorded a decrease in traffic sometimes going up to 100 %, compared to last year, despite steep discounts.

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